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    It's 2109. BC - Bernard Campion - poses as a priest, but he's really an assassin for the New catholic Church. His assignment: Assassinate Meredith McEntyre, Governor of Lunar Prime, the non-aligned city-state on the Moon! There's an out of control interplanetary War between the west and Islam, between The Universal Trade Zone, the commercial power of Earth, and the UIN, the Universal Islamic Nation, based on Mars. BC's next move will change everything! BC's bosses in the Office of Papal Operations - the OPO - tell him Luna Prime Governor McEntyre has been sympathizing with the enemy, the UIN. Can't let her give the Moon to the UIN. That's where he comes in. BC works for the Pope, ""officially"" assigned as PR man to the Cardinal and the Vatican Mission on Luna Prime. Just a mild mannered, young priest working for the New catholic Church on public relations. But under his cover he's a weapon pointed at the UIN by the NcC and their Earth based allies, the UTZ. As he goes off, the repercussions will be cosmic!

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