The Second Holocaust; How the AIDS Epidemic was Created in a CIA Black Operation (E-Book) read free with subscription at The United Black Library

The Second Holocaust; How the AIDS Epidemic was Created in a CIA Black Operation (E-Book)

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The product of 35 years of research, THE SECOND HOLOCAUST is an authoritative exploration into the US government's experiments in viral weaponry. It is not for the faint of heart. Editors and professional writers who have previewed it have said it is the scariest, most intriguing, book they have ever read. One author found it so compelling that he read the entire work in one sitting, because, like a catastrophic train wreck, he just could not look away. 
Meiers first encountered this story in California's Silicon Valley in the late 1970s as the CEO of a high tech solar energy corporation on the cutting edge of a new technology who found himself under assault by a large group of people who were "all cut from the same cloth." There were Israeli nationals, a very attractive young woman who had recently graduated from the University of Moscow, but most were US citizens, all of whom had high government security clearances for their work with spy satellites. Meiers objected to their sneaky, surreptitious intrusion into his personal life, but since he had nothing to hide, rather than outwardly object, he succumbed and investigated them as they investigated him. What he discovered was the CIA illegally operating on US soil as well as one of their agents, the Reverend Jim Jones. After the Jonestown massacre, Meiers thought he was the only person in the world who believed the CIA had killed 900 Americans and a US congressmen, until he met Joe Holsinger; Congressman Ryan's attorney and long time friend. When he sat down for a meeting with Holsinger in his Foster City home, a year had passed since Jonestown and people from around the world had been sending Holsinger information that confirmed Meiers's findings. 

In 1989, Meiers published WAS JONESTOWN A CIA MEDICAL EXPERIMENT? A REVIEW OF THE EVIDENCE. It is a scholarly work, extremely lengthy and tedious in detail and meant to document all the firsthand accounts. It was well received by researchers, but never intended for the general public as evidenced by the publisher's $175 cover price. Meiers then attempted to write a second book for the mass market, but that effort was cut short in 1996 when former CIA Director William Colby died under suspicious circumstances immediately after Meiers interviewed him. Meiers knew that anyone who got too close to this story ended with a bullet to the brain so he continued his research in private for the next 17 years while trying to live a normal, quiet life. 
Today, Meiers is long in years and short in days. This is his life's work, his last work, and a definite must read.