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  • The Freedom of Slavery by Jihad Fontanilla El

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    Join Jihad Fontanilla El as he takes you through an examination of the sophisticated methods of modernized slavery. He presents his point of view of how society has been and continues to be led down a path of mental, physical, and economic servitude. THE FREEDOM OF SLAVERY examines in detail many of the common misconceptions about the world we live in and how it actually functions. Jihad raises controversial issues that are not only important to African-Americans, but to humanity as a whole. This book is a call to awaken minds for the sake of the future. It is a book that is directed towards an audience that wishes to think for themselves. It’s for people that are not afraid to question authority or tradition, understanding that a closer examination will result in positive change and growth.

    About the Author

    Jihad Fontanilla el is a native of Portsmouth, Virginia. He is a former member of the U.S. Coast Guard as and also worked for several years as a merchant seaman. He has traveled to many countries including Gabon (west Africa), South Africa, Korea, Greece and many more. Currently, Jihad is an entrepreneur and business owner. For him, writing is his way of speaking to the world, leaving his mark, and hopefully inspiring his readers to become more aware of their own power and potential that exist within themselves.

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