Starting on a Shoestring: Building a Business Without a Bankroll by Arnold S. Goldstein (E-Book)

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Live your entrepreneurial dream with no-or little-money down

Where there's a will, there's a way. Even if you don't have start-up money in the bank, you can get your new business on its feet with ingenuity and knowledge. Starting on a Shoestring is the key to your success. Now in its Fourth Edition, this perennial bestseller has helped thousands of people live out their dreams; it provides the knowledge and the confidence you need to get your business off the ground and up and running. Authoritative, step-by-step guidance will answer your questions, help you plan your strategy, and get you started. In the new Fourth Edition, an all-new chapter covers everything you need to know about the Internet, from creating an online presence for your business to understanding all the tech jargon.

And there's more:
* Make sure your business idea is right for you-before you take the risk
* Find sources of capital and approach them confidently
* Six common myths: avoid the traps and misconceptions of starting up
* Should you take on a partner?
* Setting up: bargains on equipment, dealing with suppliers, the advantages of leasing, value of consignments
* Marketing and advertising on a shoestring: free publicity, word-of-mouth, creating a prestige image cheaply
* Examples of businesses like yours that maximized their success on the Internet

Now better than ever, Starting on a Shoestring gives you a wealth of vital information you'll find in no other book-it's your first step to entrepreneurial success.