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Secrets Of The Marketing Masters - What The Best Marketers Do, And Why It Works (E-Book)

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All the old rules of marketing are up for grabs. Markets are fragmenting and globalizing; consumers have greater control over when and what media they use; and digital technologies have changed how people shop, work, and relax. But a small number of senior marketing leaders know how to engage consumers and keep them coming back. This book reveals the secrets to their success. Featuring exclusive interviews with top consumer and business-to-business marketers at companies like P&G, Unilever, GE, Nortel and American Express, "Secrets of the Marketing Masters" offers insight and practical advice, from how to gain the confidence of your colleagues on the senior team to how win your customers' trust. Marketers will discover how to: - build a marketing culture - share results that matter-good and bad - connect with customers on an emotional level - find ways to amplify the customer voice within their company - run marketing like a professional service - cultivate positive word of mouth both on and offline - build customer listening posts - develop forward sensing mechanisms to spot new trends With this real-world, insider advice, readers can discover the techniques that will set them apart from the crowd and create lasting customer loyalty.

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