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History of the Moorish Empire in Europe by S.P. Scott

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This work has engaged the attention of the author for more than twenty years. I ts object is an attempt to depict the civilization of that great race whose achievements in science, literature, and the arts have been the inspiration of the marvellous progress of the present age. The review of this wide-spread influence, whose ramifications extend to the limits of both E urope and America, has required the introduction of some matter apparently extraneous, but which, when considered in its general relations to the subject, will be found to be not foreign to the purpose of these volumes. The Hst of authorities cited does not, by any means, include all that have been examined. Many, from which comparatively few facts have been gleaned, have been omitted. A mong the works that have been made the subject of careful research, and have yielded most valuable information in addition to the A rabic andS panish chronicles are those of A l-M akkari, Romey, Rosseuw St. Hilaire, Le Bon, SediU ot, and Casiri. The utter unreliability of Conde, who compiled the only detailed history of theM oors of Spain, is well knoA vn, and his statements have not been adopted except when amply verified. The histories of the late R.
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