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Get Off Your 'But' by Sean Stephenson (E-Book)

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In addition to presenting Sean Stephenson's unbelievable life story, Get Off Your "But" offers anyone who needs to conquer fears and insecurities a hands-on guide for overcoming the forces of negativity and self-sabotage. Sean - a successful psychotherapist - shows what it takes to overcome the big bumps in the road, eliminate excuses, end insecurities, and ultimately stand up for happiness and success in life.

As Sean explains, anyone can fall victim to the "Buts":

  • "But" Fears (BUT what if I fail...)
  • "But" Insecurities (BUT I'm not good enough...)
  • "But" Excuses (BUT there's no time...)

    Get Off Your "But" offers a practical guide for putting fear behind you and building the inner resources to become self-confident at work and at home. It's time to get off your "but" and start leading the life you dream.