eBook Pack - Decolonization (12 Books Included)


African Intellectuals and Decolonization (Volume 90) Edited by Nicholas M. Creary (E-Book)

Black Power in Bermuda: The Struggle for Decolonization by Q. Swan (E-Book)

Britain, France and the Decolonization of Africa: Future Imperfect? by Andrew W.M Smith (E-Book)

Coloniality of Power in Postcolonial Africa. Myths of Decolonization by Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni (E-Book)

George Padmore and Decolonization from Below: Pan-Africanism, the Cold War, and the End of Empire by Leslie James (E-Book)

In Search of Power: African Americans in the Era of Decolonization, 1956–1974 (E-Book)

Living with Nkrumahism: Nation, State, and Pan-Africanism in Ghana (New African Histories) (E-Book)

Mexico and the Caribbean Under Castro's Eyes: A Journal of Decolonization, State Formation and Democratization (Studies of the Americas)

Nkrumaism and African Nationalism: Ghana’s Pan-African Foreign Policy in the Age of Decolonization by Matteo Grilli (E-Book)

Out of the Dark Night: Essays on Decolonization

Postcolonial Modernism: Art and Decolonization in Twentieth-Century Nigeria (E-Book)

The Anticolonial Front: The African American Freedom Struggle and Global Decolonisation, 1945-1960 by John Munro (E-Book)