eBook Pack - Communication (9 Books Included)


BODY LANGUAGE: Become a Pro at Reading Anyone Anytime in Just 24 hours (E-Book)

Cartesian Linguistics: A Chapter in the History of Rationalist Thought by Noam Chomsky (E-Book)

Cry Havoc: Charlottesville and American Democracy Under Siege by Michael Signer (E-Book)

DK Essential Managers: Building a Team by DK Publishing (E-Book)

Don't Ask Stupid Questions - There Are No Stupid Questions by Tim Brownson (E-Book)

Ebay For Dummies 9th Edition by Marsha Collier (E-Book)

Fallacies in Medicine and Health: Critical Thinking, Argumentation and Communication by Louise Cummings (E-Book)

How to Deal with Difficult People Smart Tactics for Overcoming the Problem People in Your Life (E-Book)

On Race: 34 Conversations in a Time of Crisis by George Yancy (E-Book)