Byword: A Nation Called Out of Their Name by Mark Makabi (Paperback) read free with subscription at The United Black Library

Byword: A Nation Called Out of Their Name by Mark Makabi (Paperback)

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Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" is the book that will change America forever! A race of people were stolen from a land, and their history was stolen from them. Hidden behind centuries of deception and misdeeds, God's people struggle with the residue of physical oppression and mental oppression, and yet their spiritual strength is their liberation to rediscovering their true selves. Byword is a pivotal text that serves not only as an informative work but as a highly recommended educational book that will provide the children of slavery in the Americas and all nations with true knowledge.

True knowledge is essential to freeing the mind, freeing the body, freeing a people, and freeing a nation. The freedom Byword provides inspires self-determination, empowerment, and healing from the horrific effects of slavery in the Americas. Who are the Negroes? Where is their homeland? What is their language, religion, history, and culture? What are their contributions to world civilization? What's the cause and effect of slavery on the Negro? What was the true curse of Ham? Is "Black" a race? Is "White" a color? What does the "N" word really mean? What is the relevance of Byword and how does it relate to the racial tension in America? What is the solution? Who Is Black In America? (CNN NEWS).

Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" addresses these pertinent questions from a historical, social, cultural, psychological, and Biblical perspective. Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name is written in three amazing aspects: (1) Contextually, Chapters 1-7 address central facets of the holocaust of slavery in the Americas. (2) Historically, references of the social and psychological colonization of God's people is carefully conducted through the "de-naming," naming, and "re-naming" of their national identity. The children born into 500 years of New World captivity have been referred to by over 70 Byword references. These references have been used to call a nation erroneously out of their name. (3) Aesthetically, the remarkable artistic expression of Elder Makabi and Mark-Alan, poetically echoes the struggles, oppression, wisdom, contributions, strengths, strategies, and power in which a nation called out of their name has and continues to thrive among countries hostile to this nation of people's very existence. Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" is a national identity reference guide for the so-called Negroes. Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" clarifies the blur lines between color and race. Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" brilliantly responds to CNN News "Who Is Black in America?" Moreover, Byword is a Bible companion for all believers and will be considered one of the greatest educational contributions towards empowering the children of captivity (i.e. so-called Negroes) with the courage to make anti-Semitic rooted in racism non-effective and to bury the epithet "nigger" Forever! Byword "A Nation Called out of Their Name" is a tree-of-life, an anthropological epic, a timeless classic that will be a best-seller of all time.