eBook Pack - Black British (8 Books Included)


A Black British Canon? By Gail Low (E-Book)

Beyond Slavery and Abolition: Black British Writing, c.1770–1830 By Ryan Hanley (E-Book)

Black British Graduates: Untold Stories By Amanda Arbouin (E-Book)

Black British Migrants in Cuba: Race, Labor, and Empire in the Twentieth-Century Caribbean, 1898–1948 By Jorge L. Giovannetti-Torres (E-Book)

Don't Stop the Carnival: Black British Music (Black Music in Britian) By Kevin Le Gendre (E-Book)

Negotiating Abolition: The Antislavery Project in the British Strait Settlements, 1786-1843 By Shawna Herzog (E-Book)

Race and Antiracism in Black British and British Asian Literature By Dace Gunning (E-Book)

The Politics of Race in Britain and South Africa: Black British Solidarity and the Anti-Apartheid Struggle By Elizabeth Williams (E-Book)