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Bank Risk, Governance and Regulation (E-Book)

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This book presents research from leading researchers in the European banking field to explore three key areas of banking. In Bank Risk, Governance and Regulation, the authors conduct micro- and macro- level analysis of banking risks and their determinants. They explore areas such as credit quality, bank provisioning, deposit guarantee schemes, corporate governance and cost of capital. The book then goes on to analyse different aspects of the relationship between bank risk management, governance and performance. Lastly the book explores the regulation of systemic risks posed by banks, and examines the effects of novel regulatory sets on bank conduct and profitability. The research in this book focuses on aspects of the European banking system; however it also offers wider insight into the global banking space and offers comparisons to international banking systems. The study provides in-depth insight into many areas of bank risk, governance and regulation, before finally addressing the question: which banking strategies are actually feasible?