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Atlas of African-American History (Facts on File Library of American History)

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Building on the authoritative text of the first edition, Atlas of African-American History, Revised Edition chronicles the important cultural, historical, political, and social experiences of African Americans through the years. Completely updated and revised, this fascinating book features numerous full-color maps - 18 of which are new - that engage readers with easy-to-grasp facts, figures, and images of everyday life. Ten new black-and-white photographs, eight new full-color photographs, and four line illustrations enliven the text.Coverage includes: the dramatic 1839 journey of the Amistad, including its successful slave rebellion; the labor activism of Albert and Lucy Parsons, an interracial couple who led the eight-hour-day movement and the national railroad strike; the accomplishments of Matthew Henson, who, with Robert Peary, discovered the North Pole in 1909; the post - World War II influences that drove the economic rise of a new black middle class; analysis of how the cultural contributions of writers, actors, athletes, musicians, and other artists helped define American culture during the 1960s and 1970s; and the rise of hip-hop and rap from a local South Bronx phenomenon into a powerful industry capable of launching other businesses. The coverage also includes: demographic profiles of the health, education, employment, income, spending habits, homeownership, and other benchmarks of African Americans, as well as how these compare with those of other Americans; the powerful role of theater, comedy, TV, and film in presenting and shaping the image of African Americans from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s; and the persistent social, racial, and economic issues that still confront America, as highlighted by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.