Anatomy of a Ponzi; Scams Past and Present (E-Book) read free with subscription at The United Black Library

Anatomy of a Ponzi; Scams Past and Present (E-Book)

Is Your Money Safe?Charles Ponzi lent the Ponzi scheme its name, but he is not the first or the last to dupe investors with this age-old con. Bernard Madoff, Tom Petters, and others amassed billions before their arrests, but it is not all about the money. Find out what makes fraudsters tick, and how they swindle their victims.The biggest Ponzi scheme of all time is operating under the radar right now, unknown and undetected by regulators and unsuspecting investors. Could you be a victim?Learn how scammers stay under the radar, and discover my stunning prediction of exactly where, when, and how this massive Ponzi scheme will finally collapse.