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    Abroad (Crane & Houghton) (Children's E-Comic)

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    Abroad (Crane & Houghton) (1882)

    "My readers, would you like to go abroad, for just an hour or so, with little friends of different ages? Look at them in these pictured pages brothers and sisters, you can see all children of one family. Their father, too, you here will find, and good Miss Earle, their teacher kind. Three years ago their Mother died, and ever since has Father tried to give his children in the Spring some tour, or treat, or pleasant thing. Said he, last Easter, " I propose, for Nellie, Dennis, Mabel, Rose, a trip abroad to go with me to Paris and through Normandy." Then all exclaimed, " Oh ! glorious ! "" But may not Bertie go with us ? " Said Rose "We can't leave him at home." Then Father said he too should come." -Excerpt from Author

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