100 Yoga Activities for Children: Easy-to-Follow Poses and Meditation for the Whole Family By Shobana R. Vinay (E-Book)

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Fun and healthy yoga exercises for kids and adults.

Many children do not instinctively understand the importance of relaxation and meditation. It can be a difficult concept to grasp for someone at a young age. Yoga can be an accessible and fun way for children to learn the advantages of de-stressing and relaxing. By starting yoga early, your children will develop their natural flexibility and balance while simultaneously releasing mental and physical tension. With the fun activities featured in this book, learn one hundred ways to introduce them to this healthy exercise, which could develop into a lifelong practice.

Included in this book are sections discussing:

• Relaxation
• Meditation
• Breathing
• Mudras (Sanskrit for “gesture” or “attitude”)
• Standing and sitting postures
• Elongated postures
• Games incorporating yoga

Additionally, 100 Yoga Activities for Kids features full-color illustrations and diagrams on every page to aid in the explanation and instruction of each pose. Discover the amazing benefits of these elaborate and simple postures, and explore a fun and healthy activity to share together.