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  • About The Author - George G.M. James

    About The Author - George G.M. James

    George Granville Monah James (November 9, 1893 – June 30, 1956) was a Guyanese-American historian and author, known for his 1954 book Stolen Legacy, which argues that Greek philosophy and religion originated in ancient Egypt.
    James was born in Georgetown, Guyana. His parents were Reverend Linch B. and Margaret E. James. George earned bachelor's and master's degrees at Durham University in England and gained his doctorate at Columbia University in New York. He was Professor of Logic and Greek at Livingstone College in Salisbury, North Carolina before working at Arkansas AM&N College in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. James died soon after publishing Stolen Legacy in 1954. James was a freemason and was associated with Prince Hall Freemasonry.