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  • Running a Side Business: How to Create a Second Income (E-Book) - Black History and Literature Library

    Running a Side Business: How to Create a Second Income (E-Book)

    Turn your hobby into a profitable business and enjoy a second income. 

    In a troubled economy, you've discovered that a single source of income just isn't enough. But how do you start and manage your new venture -- and make a profit to boot? 

    From crafting to home repair to website design and more, if you've ever wanted to turn your hobby into a business and watch your passion generate cash, Running a Side Business is the book for you. Packed with tips, legal resources, start-up success stories and USA TODAY snapshots and infographics, you'll learn the life cycle of a business and get answers to important questions along the way. Find out how to: 

  • choose a side business that will succeed
  • manage a full-time job while running your side business
  • protect your personal assets
  • keep it legal: how and where to obtain and file permits, licenses, contracts, and trademarks
  • manage your home-based business
  • market your new business
  • file taxes and take deductions 

    Plus, Running a Side Business offers guidance on selecting the right side business for you, with information about some of the most popular side businesses that have gained popularity in the last decade, including sales through eBay and Amazon, web design, blogging, Google AdSense business models, and podcasting models.

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