You Don’t Need Any More Advice

This may sound counterintuitive coming from a coach, but no matter what life challenge you may be facing, most of the time it’s not really advice that you need. Nine times out of ten, when people ask me for advice, they don’t really want me to tell them how to do something. What they really want is for me to motivate them to actually do it. Deep down, I think most of us already know exactly what we need to do to improve our lives. More often than not, we’re just looking for validation from outside sources or the inspiration to take action.

Unfortunately, too many of us never take action.

We get the information, we pay for the coaching, we buy the books and training programs. We read and think and ponder and then read some more. We procrastinate and analyze to the point of inaction. And that’s really the problem. There is never any lack of information. No matter what you might want to accomplish in your life, there’s someone out there to give you advice – either for free or fee.

But it’s your job to take it.

What if the only way to get unstuck from where you are was to stop looking for advice from others? More specifically:

  • Stop reading books about it
  • Stop reading blogs about it
  • Stop talking about it
  • Stop thinking about it
  • Stop analyzing it
  • Stop asking people about it

What if the only way to move forward was to just do it?

When, you ask? Try now. Right this very moment. Stop reading this damn blog post and go take the first step toward pursuing your wildest dream. Then, you can sit back and watch the universe start working on your behalf.

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