Why I Created the Happy Black Woman Business Academy

Over the past few years, I’ve had the honor of working with hundreds of amazing women in our Happy Black Woman tribe, helping them to launch location-independent businesses that allow them to live and work anywhere in the world. What I know from experience is that the women who move forward the fastest in their entrepreneurial journey are those who are willing to invest in themselves with their time, money and energy. Because let’s face it – no one else is going to do it for you!

When most of my clients first come to me, they think that making money as an entrepreneur is all about the marketing and the sales and the branding.

While all those topics are important to learn about and get mastery in, the biggest factor to your success is actually your MINDSET.

You cannot rise to your full potential as a businesswoman without first working on YOU.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

A scattered woman = a scattered business.

A woman who doesn’t know what she wants = a woman who’s all over the place in her business.

A woman who doesn’t understand her worth = a broke businesswoman.

And an unhappy woman = a business that does not, and cannot fulfill her.

The problem is, most business education only addresses the business side of things, neglecting the emotional aspects of the journey that we have to navigate as women. Especially as Black women who have been told over and over – in both direct and indirect ways – that we are not good enough. 

That’s why I’ve created the Happy Black Woman Business Academy

This is my brand new monthly membership program designed to provide black women entrepreneurs with the business training AND personal development necessary to build a successful location-independent business and lifestyle.

Enrollment is now OPEN for the Happy Black Woman Business Academy and I would love to have you join this dynamic sisterhood of like-minded women who are totally committed to their personal and professional growth.


  • You desire to build a successful location-independent business that helps others as a service provider, coach, speaker, trainer, consultant, online course creator, live event host, author or expert
  • You are ready to transition from having a “hobby” or just a nice idea to having a REAL business that brings in REAL money
  • You’re currently making less than $5,000/month in your business on a consistent basis
  • Right now, you’re working a 9 to 5, but you long to quit your job so you can run your business full-time
  • You dream of having the time, lifestyle, location and financial freedom that comes along with being your own boss
  • You would like to leverage the training, coaching and mentorship in the Academy to grow your new or existing business
  • You want the love and support of a community of like-minded women entrepreneurs so you don’t have to walk this path alone
  • You’re excited to learn how to build a successful business AND grow yourself at the same time!

If any of the above apply to you, the Happy Black Woman Business Academy is the right place for you to come and get the training, support and accountability you need to stop allowing your fears and doubts to hold you back from stepping into the possibility of more happiness, more money and more freedom.

It’s time for you to become a bigger version of yourself. It’s time for you to manifest your dream life and inspire others to do the same!


For each month, I will select a particular theme for your personal growth AND a specific training topic for your business growth. 

You’ll receive a monthly motivational email from me including a special playlist with some of my favorite songs related to that month’s theme, powerful journaling prompts as well as book recommendations that will guide you in doing your own inner work.

Think of it as a soulful, heart-centered approach to building your business with the love and support of women who are on the same path!

Then – once per month, you will participate in a LIVE Masterclass with me or one of my guest experts on topics designed to help you build a successful location-independent business and freedom-based lifestyle on YOUR terms. Sample topics include goal-setting, social media marketing, content creation, copywriting, personal branding, money mindset and more.

Every month, you will also join me for a LIVE Group Coaching Call where you can ask me ANYTHING and get laser coaching on any aspect of your business or life, customized to YOU and your goals. 

And before you ask, YES – ALL CALLS ARE RECORDED FOR YOU TO ACCESS LATER IF YOU CANNOT BE WITH US LIVE. You will be able to submit your question in advance for me to answer on the call if you are not able to join us that month.

Being an entrepreneur can be very lonely, especially when your family and friends don’t understand your path. But now, you don’t have to walk this road alone. 

Throughout the month, you will be able to get support, insight and feedback from your Academy sisters in our private, members-only Facebook Group. The Facebook Group is our sacred space for celebration, goal-setting, brainstorming, idea-sharing and problem-solving.

You will also be encouraged to select an Accountability Partner from the group that you will meet with each week to help you stay on track as you work on your goals in the Business Academy.

My vision for the Happy Black Woman Business Academy is to teach you how to not only grow your business but also grow YOURSELF at the same time!

Enrollment is open now and your membership benefits begin as soon as you complete your registration.

Learn more and join us here: happyblackwomanacademy.com

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