What’s Your Definition of Luxury?

“You look great! Can I take your picture?”

I look puzzled until the bubbly, stylish woman in front of me explains that she’s a Japanese fashion blogger and she wants to capture my dress and shoes.

“Sure,” I say. Clearly I’m not Japanese but hey, why not?

“By the way, who are you wearing?”

I have to think for a moment.

Who AM I wearing? This is definitely not something I think about every day.

After a few minutes, I remember where I bought my outfit. Turns out, the dress is Valerie Joseph and my coral sandals came from Nine West.

This was my experience Friday evening with my girl Shana Love at the annual Passport to Luxury fundraising event at the famous Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu.

We had a blast drinking cocktails, tasting food from area restaurants and window shopping at some of the most expensive stores in the mall.

I had so much champagne, I was ready to go to sleep by the end of the night!

What’s interesting is that I don’t usually attend these kinds of events.

I don’t normally put myself in environments where everyone is dressed to the nines in fancy designer labels.

But now, because of my image consultant, I’m paying more attention to opportunities for me to learn about fashion and style.

I’ve gotten curious about why I’ve always been resistant to spending more than $100 on a great pair of shoes, even though I can afford them.

So far, one of the lessons that has been coming up for me over the past few months is that luxury is in the eye of the beholder.

I used to think luxury was about having a closet chock full of cheap clothes from Forever 21. It was all about volume.

Now, I definitely value experiences over having a lot of “stuff.”

These days, I only own about 40 items of clothing and a few pair of shoes, but they are all really nice.

Thanks to my image consultant, for the first time my portable closet (also known as my suitcase) only contains well-made tops, pants, dresses and shoes.

I’m wearing labels I’ve never worn before or even heard about like Guess, Free People (loving their bohemian tops!), Vince Camuto and Tory Burch.

At this point in my life though, luxury is not just about being able and willing to buy better quality clothes.

For me, it’s about having the time, the money and the freedom to create the lifestyle I truly want.

What’s YOUR definition of luxury?

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