What Orville Redenbacher Taught Me About Fear

I love microwave popcorn. It’s one of the few salty snacks I allow myself to eat on a regular basis. I love the taste of hot, popped corn flavored with butter, nuked up in just a few minutes’ time.

Sometimes, I even eat popcorn for dinner. Don’t worry, it’s the organic kind :)

But here’s what I’ve recently noticed about my popcorn habit. I can’t STAND burnt popcorn. So, I stay right in front of the microwave while it cooks, listening for the popping to slow down even a fraction of a second so I can take out the bag before it burns. Now, there would be nothing inherently wrong with me doing that (even if it is a little anal) if it weren’t for the outcome.

I always take the popcorn out too soon.

I’m so afraid that it’s going to burn, that I often grab the bag from the microwave with half the kernels still unpopped! Sure, the popcorn I am left with is completely unscorched and delicious, but I don’t get nearly as much of a serving size than if I would’ve left it in a little longer.

I think it’s the same way with fear in our lives.

We have something that’s really important to us – a career, a relationship, a business – and we’re so afraid to mess it up that we stop short of taking steps that could make it better. We’d rather take the “good enough” version because we’re too afraid to take the risks that would lead us into greatness. So, what ends up happening is that we only get a fraction of what’s really possible in that area of our lives.

We’re so afraid of failure that we won’t let ourselves be great.

Does any of this resonate with you and how you operate in your own life? Popcorn lover or not :)

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