VIDEO: The Importance of Saying Yes to Your Yes

Have you ever made a decision and then backed out of it because you doubted yourself?

If so, my recent livestream will lift you up and encourage you to trust yourself and walk in your purpose, no matter what other people might say.

Watch the video livestream recording below!

When you DON’T say yes to your yes, you can end up moving backwards instead of moving FORWARD.

That’s why when you say YES to something – when you make a powerful decision – you cannot let anybody talk you out of it!

If you are confident in yourself, when you TRUST yourself, that’s when you will do what you know you are meant to do

Remember, the worst case scenario is NOT failure.

It’s regret.

And if you want to begin the process of transforming your mindset so that you can say YES to your yes, I suggest you get started with my popular month-long personal development program, 31 Days to Reset Your Life. Learn more and sign up here:

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