Three Life Lessons I Learned from My Month in Europe (Video)

I know, I know, this is like the third video I’ve made in 2012. I may just be on a roll here, LOL! I took my iPhone to the woods to record this 8-minute video with some reflections about my recent month-long trip to Europe.

In the video, I share three life lessons (among many!) that I learned as a result of my trip:

  1. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive (plus, a few of the specific ways I saved money during my trip)
  2. I love being alone (and reading books…by myself LOL)
  3. It’s not the best idea to start a new romantic relationship right before you take a month-long trip out of the country
And in case you missed them, here are all 11 of my Travel Diary posts that I wrote to chronicle my experiences in Greece, Italy and Spain…

My Travel Diary: How I Spent a Month in Europe

What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve learned from traveling?

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