On Getting an iPhone and Using Technology as a Tool to Support My Ideal Life

Yesterday, I traded in my Blackberry for an iPhone.

My Blackberry had been acting wonky for months now, and lately it had begun shutting off for no reason in the middle of phone conversations. My mom had gotten into the iLife a month before, so her enthusiastic recommendation of the iPhone as a tool for my business was what brought me over to the other side.

Although I’m still part of the under-30 crowd, technology doesn’t excite me the way it does for many of my peers. It takes me so damn long to figure out how to use a new device that I prefer to just stick with the one(s) I have until they break or are no longer useful to me. The reason I resisted the iPhone frenzy for so long is because 1) I didn’t want to have to learn how to use yet another tech gadget and 2) I didn’t want to become glued to my phone like I see so many iPhone users do.

But once I finally did my research, I came up with so many ways I could use the iPhone to support my ideal life, mostly through their fast-loading apps that will help me save time, manage my finances, run my business, go on more dates and travel more efficiently.

When I added up all the benefits of not having to be tied to my laptop to be productive in my life and business, it was totally worth the $150 price tag of the magical iPhone 4S that I got from the Verizon store yesterday (I already had a monthly plan with them and they also gave me a $50 upgrade credit. There was also a $50 rebate!).

So far, I’ve been learning (fairly quickly!) how to use the tools I need most. I’ve also downloaded the following apps that will allow me to better use technology as a tool to support my current location-independent lifestyle.

  • Twitter and Facebook – to manage the two main social networks I use to promote my business
  • Bank of America – to manage both my personal and business accounts and transfers
  • Paypal – to manage my online sales of my ebooks and coaching services, as well as transfers to my BOA bank accounts
  • Square – I signed up for this and downloaded the app so now I’ll be able to take credit card payments from people who want to buy my book at signings and nonprofit conferences where I am invited to speak
  • Tripit – to manage my upcoming travel arrangements (flights and hotels) for speaking engagements around the country
  • Trip Assist by Expedia and Kayak – to help me book the cheapest/most convenient flights and hotels on the go
  • Yelp – to help me find great restaurants nearby, especially when I’m in a new city
  • OK Cupid – to manage my online dating adventures on the go so I won’t have the excuse of “not having time” to find men I want to date (the app allows you to search for matches and send/respond to messages quickly)
I have a feeling that my life will never be the same.
What smartphone, apps, technology or device(s) are you using on daily basis? Do all the tools serve as a distraction or do they help you to live your ideal life?

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