My Last Night in Honolulu: Music, Mai Tais and Merci

On my last night in Honolulu, I went to see a live band at Mai Tai Bar. That night, the Typical Hawaiians were playing. I would describe their music as low-key reggae with a Hawaiian flavor. Even the crowd was laid back. I had a mai tai. They make ’em strong, so it was a one and done deal for me. At the bar, I met a guy who reads tarot cards for a living. He told me I had “great energy.” Can’t argue with that, I guess.

Before that, I had teppan-yaki for dinner at Tanaka of Tokyo. I got the scallops, which they seared perfectly on the grill in front of me. (I supposed I should start calling myself a pescatarian now, with all the seafood I’ve been eating in Honolulu.) I got seated with a beautiful family from New Caledonia. Despite the language barrier, we had a neat conversation about what it’s like to live in our respective countries. They even tried to teach me a little French, but I got lost after “merci.”

Here’s some of what I did during my three 1/2 weeks in Honolulu: I updated the 31 Day Reset Workbook; booked some new coaching clients; conducted a few conference calls; cultivated a couple of new contracts for 2012; fell in love with udon and tempura, spent the day at Yokohama Beach with a lovely, eco-conscious couple; had the best sushi lunch at Aloha Sushi; experienced the most random tweetup ever with a beautiful sister from Kenya and the social media diva of Honolulu, not to mention several life-affirming conversations with complete strangers.

I also cut my hair. Again. It’s back to the teeny-weeny afro I started with 18 month ago in my natural hair journey. I went and got a pair of $5 hair-cutting scissors from the drugstore and chopped it all off over the small trash can in my room. I did it to remind myself that long hair or not, I am still beautiful, powerful and free.

What I realized as I was packing up to leave the YMCA is that I could have done most of these things from anywhere. Being in Honolulu this long has just shown me that my ideal life narrativemy Plan A – is totally possible. It was a great reminder for me to just keep showing up with my unique gifts, led by a sense of authenticity and faith in the innate goodness of people.

The universe is showing me, over and over, that I can be 100% Rosetta from wherever I am.

And for that, I am saying, merci.

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