It’s Time to Bring Her Back

I want to know who you REALLY are.

I want to know the woman you were before you let fear take over.

Where did she go?

The woman you were before you got caught up in what other people said you “should” do.

The woman you were before you started comparing yourself to others and wondering if you were good enough.

The woman you were before you started distracting yourself with TV, men, shopping, food, work.

The woman you were before you started putting everyone else’s needs and desires above your own.

Where is she?

The woman who knew exactly who she was and what she was made for.

The woman who was clear about the path she was destined to take.

The woman who didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission to enjoy life and do what made her happy.

The woman who believed in herself and was determined to be successful at achieving her goals, no matter what.

Where is THAT woman?

Go look in the mirror…

She’s still inside of YOU.

She’s not gone.

She’s not lost.

She’s not dead.

She’s just been buried under a heavy blanket of doubt and fear.

But now, it’s time to bring her BACK.

It’s time to reclaim your throne.

As the Queen of your life.

As the beautiful, powerful, free black woman you’ve always been.

I want to meet THAT woman.

Don’t you?

Go here to get started:



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This is NOT about beating yourself up about not having made it further by now.

You are where you are and it is the exact right place.

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