Is It Time for You to Take a Risk?


One of the best things about long flights is that I get to binge-watch great movies.

Especially the Hollywood classics.

On my flight from Buenos Aires to Miami, I watched the original Bonnie and Clyde from back in 1967.

(Confession: I don’t watch TV, but I LOVE a good crime movie – from bank heists to mob bosses, I’m here for all the drama and the glory and the sheer entrepreneurship of it all.) 

Then from Miami to Los Angeles, I watched Risky Business.

In the film, a young Tom Cruise plays Joel, a play-by-the-rules kinda kid whose main goal is to get into an Ivy League school.

Then, his parents go out of town for a few days and he ends up hanging out with prostitutes and having wild parties at his house.

Now, for a flick produced in 1983, a lot of those scenes seemed almost “X” rated for that decade!

Anyway, Risky Business has an epic quote at the beginning, when Joel’s best friend is encouraging him to start taking more risks in his life and stop being so safe and boring:

“Every now and then say, “What the f*ck.” “What the f*ck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future.”

This quote becomes the premise of the whole film as Tom Cruise’s character begins his grand adventure from good boy to rebel teenager.

It’s a memorable line from a popular movie, but it’s also true.

Taking risks is, indeed, the #1 factor that creates opportunities in your life.

And those opportunities are what you NEED to design a new future for yourself.

Have you been scared to take a risk in a particular area of your life?

Today, I invite you to consider this:

What if…the risk is NOT in making that phone call, sending that email, starting that business, quitting that job, taking that trip around the world or even going out with that man?

What if…the real risk is in NEVER knowing what “shoulda, woulda, coulda” been?

What if…what you’re ultimately risking is never living up to your full potential in life?

Maybe now is the time for you to stop following all the “rules” that keep your life safe and boring.

Maybe it’s time for you to say, “what the f*ck” and just DO it already!

And instead of worrying about the WORST that could happen, you open up to receive the BEST that could happen if you let it.

You got this.

I believe in you.



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