Inspiration from David Copperfield: How to Live the Impossible

I’ve been a traveling a lot lately for both business and pleasure.

I’m back in the states on the west coast and definitely missing the warmth of Mexico right now!

Las Vegas was my first stop with my good friend Shana. I call her “Shana Love” because she recently became a certified love coach.

We had the opportunity to reconnect for a few days, and of course, turn up in the casinos and clubs on the Strip!

I’m so glad we got a chance to see the David Copperfield magic show at the MGM Grand. David’s show was amazing, especially since we got half-price tickets at the special ticket booth on the Strip!

It was inspiring to hear David’s personal story and his philosophy to “live the impossible” as he wowed the audience with his magic tricks.

What I took from that was it’s not enough just to have a big vision for your life, but you also have to believe in it – even if no one else around you does.

To be able to LIVE the impossible and manifest your desires, you have to be willing to rise above the fear of the unknown.

And when you open up to the possibility of having a different life, things start to happen.

Things that other people say are impossible start to become possible for YOU.

Because you have the vision.

Because you believe.

Because you’re willing to do the work to make it happen.

Many women can visualize their dreams all day long, but when it comes to believing in themselves and taking action, they self-sabotage and allow fear to take over.

Which one are YOU doing right now?

Living the impossible…or giving in to fear?

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