How to Start Putting Yourself First

I had a wonderful time kicking off my “Create Your Ideal Life” Workshop Tour this past weekend!

On Saturday morning, I hosted the first event in Richmond, VA. 

During the workshop, I walked attendees through my process of getting clarity on what you truly want your life to look like.

I also did several live coaching “hot seats” at the front of the room.

The attendees asked some great questions that opened up a beautiful conversation about self-care and how you can start putting yourself first.

My advice:

Start with baby steps.

Find one day out of the week or weekend that you can claim as yours.

If a whole day is too much for you to commit to right now, choose a specific block of time instead.

4 hours.

2 hours.

1 hour.

Whatever you choose will be perfect.

Then, block out the time on your calendar.

Add it in as an appointment and color code it.

You can name it “[Your Name] Time”

Do whatever you want during those hours.

Go for a walk.

Read a book.

Write in your journal.

Run a bubble bath.

Get a massage.

Take yourself out on a date.

Experience something new – a restaurant, museum, concert, yoga class, or even a day trip to a nearby city.

Or simply be still and do nothing.

Remember, this is YOUR time. 

Make it sacred.

Make it holy.

And most of all – make it a non-negotiable.

Because the best way to start putting yourself first is to honor your time.

Stop giving it all away to other people, while forgetting the most important person in your life:




P.S. There’s still time to join me on my workshop tour this month! We have 2 events left and each one includes live Q&A and valuable networking time with like-minded women.

Click the links below and register for a city near you:

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