How to Set a Positive Intention for the Week

“A good intention clothes itself with sudden power.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even though I work from home, the beginning of the week always feels “busy.” As soon as I wake up on Mondays, I sense looming deadlines. All I hear in my brain is go go go ring ring ring do do do. Needless to say, it’s not the most conscious way to enter the week!

To help me get centered in my life and work, I like to start the week off by setting a positive intention.

This is a practice that extends from my years of writing poetry. One of my professors would always instruct us to “get centered” by sitting still in a quiet place before beginning to write. Setting weekly intentions has helped me reduce the feeling of overwhelm in my business. There’s always so much to do – so many emails to respond to, so many great projects to work on, so many people to connect with, etc. This strategy has helped me to get focused and stay productive each and every week.

When should you set your weekly intention? Well, it’s best if you can do this exercise at the beginning of the week, on a Sunday or Monday. But you can and should feel free to do it on any day and at any time you have a moment to sit down and be still.

You can do this in the morning as you enjoy your coffee. You can do this on your lunch break at work. You can do this in the evening before you go to bed.

You can do this right now.

Here’s how to set a positive intention for the week:

1. Close your eyes.

2. Take three deep breaths.

3. On the inhale, listen to your deepest desires for this moment. Connect with your inner spirit and allow God/Source/Universe to speak to you.

4. On the exhale, in this calm state of mind, begin to softly ask yourself:

What is my highest intention for this week?

In other words, what do you most want to happen in the coming week? How do you want to feel as you go about your day? What do you most want to accomplish in support of your personal and professional goals?

5. Choose ONE WORD or PHRASE that describes your highest intention.

(A few words and phrases I tend to use often in my own weekly practice: clear the clutter, radical productivity, allow, be of service, make more money, add more value, gratitude, infinite possibility, seize opportunities, reach out, authentic connection, give love, follow-through, let go, release attachment, accept, forgive, powerful goal-setting, step up and show up, tell my truth, etc.)

6. Now, write it down.

(I use a blank 3 x 5 index card to write down my weekly intentions. You can get a packet of them super cheap at any store that sells office supplies.)

I know it’s tempting to think about your entire to-do list during this exercise, but try your best not to. The point of this weekly practice is to get you focused on the ONE THING that will matter the most to you as you look back over the week.

Instead of complaining about not having enough time this week, use the time you do have in a way that honors your values and goals. (click here to tweet this quote!)

Say no to the people, activities and thoughts that bring you down and drain your spirit. Say yes to the people, activities and thoughts that fill you up and bring you joy.

Instead of trying to do every single thing on your to-do list this week, simply honor your highest intention. 

Everything else will begin to fall into place quickly and easily.

Leave a comment: What is your highest intention for this week? Share your one word or phrase with us!

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