How to Choose a Great Airbnb: My Honolulu Apartment Tour (VIDEO)

Even though I live a location-independent lifestyle, one of the ways I like to feel like I’m “at home” is by renting an apartment every once in a while instead of staying in a hotel.

The service I use the most for this is Airbnb.

It’s basically an Expedia meets Yelp concept that allows people to rent out their homes to travelers with a website where you can search for places to stay based on location, price, etc. It also provides a rating and review system for hosts so that any sketchy places with rude hosts get weeded out.

I’ve stayed in Airbnbs all over the world from Charlottesville, Virginia to Rome, Italy to Baltimore, Maryland to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and now Honolulu, Hawaii!

It’s great having an entire network of hosts who provide a wide variety of short and long-term furnished housing in most cities around the world. You can choose to rent the whole apartment or house, or simply rent a room. (I’ve done both and I prefer having the whole place to myself!)

What I also appreciate about Airbnb is that the price of your apartment or room rental will typically be much less than you would pay for a hotel, especially in large metropolitan areas that have a high cost of living.

I made a quick apartment tour video of the Airbnb I’m renting while I’m here in Honolulu, Hawaii if you’re curious about what they are like and how you can incorporate this option into your travels!

In the video, I mention several of my “must-haves” when I rent an Airbnb. Here are my criteria for choosing a one to stay in during your trip:

  • Near public transportation or in a location where it’s easy to catch a taxi or Uber into the city
  • Fast, reliable wi-fi so I can work on my business, since everything I do depends on being online!
  • If I’m renting the whole apartment – having a full kitchen, fridge and microwave is essential
  • If I’m renting a room, I like to have kitchen privileges for making some of my own meals
  • Ample light throughout the apartment or room so it doesn’t feel like I’m living in a dungeon
  • Having a washer and dryer in the apartment or laundry facilities nearby
  • Several good restaurants nearby so I can get my foodie on – not just a McDonald’s!
  • At least one grocery store/drugstore within walking distance for various food or personal items I may need during my stay

Leave me a comment: Have you ever used Airbnb during your travels? What are your criteria for choosing a great place to stay?

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