How to Break Free: My Nitty-Gritty Advice for Living the Life You Really Want (AUDIO)

Last month, I was interviewed by Jessica, co-founder of GlobetrotterGirls about how I quit my job and started my business, minimalism, travel and my journey to location independence. She asked some great questions and got some VERY passionate answers out of me. I’m honored to share the full 50-minute audio recording of our conversation with you! (Just press the play button below.)

Here’s what Jessica had to say about our podcast interview:

“This is by far one of my favorite interviews to date. Rosetta is so honest and open about the process she went though to break free, along with the success and challenges she has faced along the way and how she is slowly transitioning into location independence. We talk about her shift from ten years in the non-profit sector to running her own training company and blog. Rosetta recently put out her Free Yourself manifesto, for letting go of fear and living life on your own terms. We talk about our shared philosophy behind that idea and why you should never wait until you are 100% ready to break free (hint: you never will be!). Rosetta also talks about owning your own passions, not waiting until you get other people’s approval to live your dreams and the importance of finding your community.”

You may wish to download the audio from Jessica’s site and listen to it on your iPod. I go really deep into detail on a lot of topics I get asked about often in our HBW community!

Leave a comment: After you listen to the podcast, please share with me what lessons you took from it. I’d also love to hear any questions you have about how you can break free in YOUR life.

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