How to Become a Minimalist: 4 Tips for Downsizing and Living with Less (VIDEO)

In today’s video post, I share some of my best tips from my journey to become a minimalist. I outline four specific action steps you can take to start living with less. By putting the concept of minimalism to work in your life, you can save money and enjoy more experiences (like travel!) instead of spending all your income on stuff.

In the video, I share four tips to help you utilize minimalism in your life:

1. Figure Out What Matters Most to You

For me, being able to travel to different cities and countries is one of my values. Being able to put aside money for traveling is more important to me than having the latest fashions or a nice car. Once you get clear about what matters most to you, you can begin to organize your life around it.

2. Live with a Roommate

You can cut your rent or mortgage in half by living with a roommate. Instead of paying all the household bills yourself, you can split the cost with someone else who’s also trying to save money! Check out websites like and to find people who want to share living space in your city.

3. Get Rid of Your Stuff

Remember that the more stuff you have, the more space you need to hold it. The burden of storing your stuff can lead to paying for an apartment that’s too big (and too expensive) or fees to use a storage facility. Start by letting go of everything you haven’t used or worn in the last three months and go from there. The goal is to keep only the things you really need and love. The rest can be donated or sold.

4. Go Paperless

You don’t have to keep paper clutter around in boxes or filing cabinets. Today’s technology allows you to keep all your documents stored on your computer, portable hard drive or in a cloud-based storage system on the internet.  Start your transition to a paperless lifestyle by scanning your important documents into your computer or use (I have the Pro plan) for cloud-based file storage.

Leave a comment below: Is it time for you to get free of some of YOUR stuff? What’s the first step you can take to start living with less?

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