How to Be in Your Power (and Stay There)

I’ve recently fallen in love with the phrase “stay in your power.” I think I heard it on a teleseminar somewhere a while ago, and it has stuck with me ever since. For me, staying in your power means not letting your fear or any naysayers distract you from using your gifts to fulfill your true purpose.

But I think for most women who know what their purpose is, I’m probably preaching to the choir. You already know what I mean when I say to STAY in your power. It’s all well and good if you’ve already figured out how to access your inner wisdom at this stage of your life journey.

But what if you’ve never even experienced BEING in your power in the first place?

If you’re in that group, then this is where I’d like to focus you today. Most of the challenging situations we experience in life are challenging only because they leave us feeling frustrated, confused or powerless. But what if we were able to approach any obstacle with the confidence that we already have the power to overcome it? Well, then we would surely experience success in all areas of our lives.

Here’s what it means to be in your power, plus what that might look like for you in action.

Being in your power means:

Owning your ability to do whatever it is you want to accomplish in your life and business.

    What that looks like in action:

    • Not blaming other people for why you’re not getting ahead.
    • Not making lame excuses about not having enough time or money to do what you need to do.
    • Taking the steps needed to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

    Being in your power means:

    Trusting yourself and the choices that are truly made for you, by you.

      What that looks like in action:

      • Not getting caught up in your need for other people’s approval.
      • Doing what makes you happy, regardless of what other people say or think about it.
      • Examining all of your choices to see if it’s really what YOU want or what someone else wants FOR you.

      Being in your power is an amazing path to personal freedom. Staying there means remembering these simple concepts and putting them into action in your life. The ultimate truth is that you are beautiful, powerful and free. Everything else is a lie.

      When was the last time you were in your power? How could you consciously access your power the next time you find yourself feeling frustrated, confused or powerless?

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