Home is Wherever I Am

This is my home right now. The women’s dorm at the Central YMCA in Honolulu. I’ve been living here almost two weeks. (Before this, I was staying in one of the lovely Westin hotels in Waikiki for a conference I was invited to speak at.)

I can be in Hawaii for three weeks because I have nothing holding me back from doing so. I have no apartment, no mortgage, no “stuff” waiting for me to “take care of” when I “get back.”

In living with less, I am also experimenting with impermanence.

Technically, I do not live anywhere, which means that I can live anywhere.

On Tuesday, I had a lovely lunch with a woman I met at the conference I spoke at. We had the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life. I tried inari for the first time. Tasty stuff!

She asked me what I was doing in Hawaii for so long.

“Living,” I told her.

That was the short answer.

The long answer is that I want to be able to live in different places without a lease for a while. Right now, I do not have a permanent address and I don’t want one. (My mail gets sent to my mom’s house.)

After this, I’ll be in Florida and then back to the DC area for my birthday on New Year’s Eve. After that . . . who knows?

I saw a place in Baltimore on Airbnb that I may rent for a few months. It’s in a really cute neighborhood. Then, perhaps I’ll continue on to Charlottesville for a month or so. It’s so lovely there in the spring. I visit there every March for the Virginia Festival of the Book, anyway.

Then, maybe the stars will align to bring me to Portland for the summer. Portland just seems like a neat place. With lots of food trucks.

All of this is in pencil.

My sister freaks out whenever I tell her I’m going somewhere new. She likes stability for herself and wants the same thing for the people around her.

I’m the total opposite. I like change. And even though it scares me a bit – the adventure of not knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s why I got rid of most of my stuff.

So that I can go anywhere. (Or maybe so that I won’t have the excuse not to.)

Besides, what I am learning is that home is wherever I am.

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