HBW070: Dafina Lovelace – Yoga and Meditation For Greater Peace And Success

Rosetta admits that for many years she thought of yoga and meditation as things that weren’t for her. In her mind, they were things skinny white women did. But through relationships with people like her guest on this episode, Dafina Lovelace, she’s discovered that the practice of yoga and the principles that serve as its foundation is a powerful way she can calm herself, relieve stress, and center herself around her purpose. All of that enables her to accomplish more and move her success to even higher levels. On this episode, Rosetta and Dafina chat about how a happy black woman with an MBA and a tech background became a certified yoga instructor and leveraged that skill into a business for accomplished and aspiring black woman entrepreneurs.

HBW070: @DafinaLovelace – Yoga and Meditation For Greater Peace And Success
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Why every black woman should try Yoga and meditation.

As Rosetta and Dafina chatted about the stigma that yoga often has they both agreed that every black woman should at least do their homework when it comes to understanding the principles and practice of yoga. Both of them have found it to be a soothing, life-changing practice that has created space for thought, better ideas, and mental energy that enables greater creativity and drive. You can hear their conversation and take some first steps toward unlocking the power yoga could have in your life, by listening to this episode.

Are you like so many people who have a fear of being still – of truly thinking?

One of the things about yoga that seems hokey or strange to people is the meditation aspect of the practice. It’s an intentional time of placing your body and mind into a state of quiet and concentration. But that sounds weird to many people. They don’t like to be alone with their thoughts, especially while striking strange physical poses! During this conversation Rosetta and her guest, Dafina Lovelace talk about the role the physical aspects of yoga plays in enabling deeper concentration and how that time of quiet and peace empowers the rest of life. You can hear it on this episode.

Are you like so many people who have a fear of being still – of truly thinking? @DafinaLovelace
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Lessons from hearing how a yoga instructor starts and lives her day.

One of the questions Rosetta asked her guest, Dafina Lovelace during this conversation was about the daily habits and practices that she employs to keep her life on track. It may not sound like an especially interesting question until you realize that Dafina is a professional yoga instructor. As Rosetta expected, there are quite a few gems in what Dafina had to share, including a refusal to keep her cell phone in the room as she sleeps. You can hear more great life hacks and tips from Dafina, so be sure you listen.

The #1 piece of advice for black women entering the business world.

As Rosetta and her guest, Dafina Lovelace wrapped up their conversation, Rosetta asked Dafina for her best piece of advice for fellow black women who are considering a step into the entrepreneurial or business world. Dafina said the main thing she’s learned is that it’s preferable to run outside the pack. You need to trust yourself. You need to see the unique gifts you have and learn that they are meant to be leveraged for the good of others. You don’t have to do things the same way as everyone else. That puts you in a unique place that allows your true self to serve the world. Find out what Dafina means when she says, “Trust yourself,” on this episode.

The #1 piece of advice for black women entering the business world @DafinaLovelace
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s welcome and thanks!
  • [1:25] Who is Dafina Lovelace?
  • [3:25] How Dafina got into yoga and turned it into a business.
  • [8:44] Why yoga is not just for white people, and Dafina’s yoga philosophy.
  • [13:40] The reason many people have fear about being still.
  • [17:33] Action steps you can take to learn more about yoga.
  • [21:28] How does a yoga teacher spend her day and stay on track?
  • [27:50] Books and inspirations in Dafina’s life.
  • [30:25] Dafina’s #1 piece of advice for women getting into business.
  • [32:12] How you can best connect with Dafina.
  • [33:57] How to get involved in The Happy Black Woman retreat.

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About Dafina Lovelace

Dafina is more than just a corporate leader and a yoga instructor. As a self-sufficient go-getter, she has kept her eyes on one target…changing the lives of business professionals across the world. She used to be like you—tired, stressed out, and working diligently to excel in her workplace and make a difference in the world. But over time, her big dreams and tenacious nature weren’t enough. Something was missing…While on a walk, Dafina came across a hidden oasis between two large skyscrapers. It was a yoga studio. She’ll never forget what happened next. It was like she met herself for the very first time. During class, Dafina was able to let go and allow her mind and body to come together and make beautiful things happen. All the stress, frustration, and worry that accompany the “rat race” were gone, just like that. To make things even better, Dafina experienced a level of playfulness she had long forgotten. Yoga helped Dafina rediscover her resilience and self-worth, while strengthening her mind and body in ways she never knew existed. And she would like to do the same for you. Since her first encounter with yoga, an essential art form, she has launched her mobile yoga studio, and works with companies and career women who are missing that crucial work/life balance. She would love to share with you more about her knowledge of yoga, what it means to be a heart-minded leader. Dafina’s talks and training will fully equip executives, emerging leaders, and associates with the tools to decrease the manifestations of stress using yoga to, and unleash their leadership abilities so that they can enjoy the lives they are working so hard to create.

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Why every black woman should try Yoga and meditation @DafinaLovelace
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Lessons from hearing how a yoga instructor starts and lives her day @DafinaLovelace
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