HBW065: Heidi Harris, The Law of Attraction Champion

You may be like the people Heidi Harris was meeting. They had heard of the Law of Attraction but didn’t know anything about it. It was through a number of conversations like this that Heidi came to believe that she should make it her business (literally) to make sure that everyone in her circles and beyond knew what the Law of Attraction is and how to put it to work in her life. The rest is history. On this episode, Rosetta chats with Heidi about how she has traveled her journey and what it is she helps her clients do to amplify their lives. Be sure you take the time to listen.

HBW065: Heidi Harris, The Law of Attraction Champion
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A story of hardship turned to new perspective and life change.

As is the case with many entrepreneurs who make a dent in the world, Heidi Harris is a woman who has come to the place of success she is at via a very hard road. Personal losses and tragedies set the stage for her mind and spirit to be receptive to the things she needed to learn about herself and the way life works. On this episode of The Happy Black Woman podcast, you’ll get to hear Heidi’s story from her own lips and be inspired that nothing is too difficult for you to overcome so that you can make a better life for yourself.

Gratitude is the first step to building the life you want.

Nobody who gives a gift appreciates it if the person who receives the gift never expresses gratitude. That’s because gratitude is the natural response to receiving good things. But for some reason when it comes to the blessings of life that happen daily we tend not to be as grateful as we should. Instead, pessimism, complaint, and worry consume us. When you can learn to step out of your difficulties long enough to find what you can be grateful for in the situation, everything changes. Join Rosetta on this episode as her guest, Heidi Harris explains how the power of gratitude can serve you as the 1st step to a better life.

Gratitude is the first step to building the life you want
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You have to make a commitment and diligently work toward your goals.

How many times have you heard somebody say, “I wish I had _____________.” It seems like you hear something like that every day. It’s fine to express a desire that you have to see something in your life be different. But it will never change unless you take steps to make it come about, and that begins with commitment. On this episode, Heidi Harris explains the significance of making a commitment to yourself and how that commitment can be leveraged to bring about the things you want in your life. You won’t want to miss this one.

What are the wrong beliefs that are holding you back?

Many people allow the path they’ve walked in life so far to dictate the direction and outcome of the path they walk in the future. It happens because they make assumptions about the future based on their past experiences, but the reality is that the past has nothing to do with the future except that it has prepared you to avoid the same mistakes and build something better. On this episode, you’ll hear a great deal of encouragement about how you can change the course of your life forever by changing the way you think. Be sure you listen.

What are the wrong beliefs that are holding you back?
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s introduction to this episode and her thanks to YOU for listening!
  • [1:06] Heidi Harris, today’s guest.
  • [2:12] Heidi’s mission: The Law of Attraction is Real.
  • [3:18] Why this mission is so powerful for Heidi and drives her in business.
  • [5:48] The process Heidi went through to transform her own life.
  • [8:20] The moment of awakening and the resources that helped Heidi the most.
  • [12:46] The most important step anyone can take to get started with the law of attraction.
  • [15:10] The daily structures Heidi uses to keep herself aligned with her purpose.
  • [18:23] The moments Heidi has experienced that have brought amazement.
  • [21:53] Additional books Heidi recommends.
  • [24:14] The #1 piece of advice Heidi gives to you.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode


Heidi H. Harris, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, is a self-proclaimed cheerleader for all things positive. Her greatest attributes are her approachable nature, her listening ear and the ability to smile and laugh easily. She is a graduate of Hampton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and of Strayer University earning a Master’s of Business with a concentration in Management. Having worked in the corporate world for several years the areas of Finance and Insurance, she always felt as if there was something else she was destined to achieve.

A few years ago, she was introduced to the book called “The Secret” which opened a whole new pathway to achieving her dreams. After which, she started doing more research on The Law of Attraction, collected books, joined a couple of meetups and practiced some of the techniques. What she noticed is that it works and that there only seemed to be a few people “in the know” about this powerful information. Thus, Curate Your Dreams was born out the idea that everyone has the ability to live the life they aspire to have. She invites you to join her on this journey to curate her ideal life as well as help other women activate their “super powers” and create a new reality. She will accomplish this by providing resources to rescue their forsaken dreams using the principles within the Law of Attraction. It’s going to be a compelling ride. Heidi believes EVERYONE has this gift; it just takes a little nudge to get started. That’s why she calls herself The Dream Superhero! Heidi’s pastimes include listening to music, especially Prince, attending cultural events, traveling and reading. She can’t wait to meet you!

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A story of hardship turned to new perspective and life change
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You have to make a commitment and diligently work toward your goals
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