HBW057: Regine Monestime on the Importance of Self-Care For Black Women

One of the things we all need to learn in life is that self care is vital. It’s not a selfish thing, it’s a thing that is necessary to survival. But more than that, it’s vital to the way you survive in a healthy way. Today’s guest is Rosetta’s friend Regine, a member of the Happy Black Woman mastermind group who has been a great encouragement and help to many of the women in the community. Regine specializes in creating self care retreats where women can get away to nurture their own souls and come away stronger as a result. You’ll hear exactly what she does on her retreats and how she leads women through important exercises to gain clarity and create balance in their lives, on this episode of the Happy Black Woman podcast.

HBW057: Regine, Self Care Retreats For Black Women
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Answering some difficult questions led Regine to her life’s work.

Regine was and is a lawyer. She loves what she does 9 to 5. But she came to a place in her life where she had to decide if what she did 9 to 5 was what defined her or if there was something more. Her decision to explore the possibilities is what led her into the world of travel and the benefits traveling has for life. From there she branched out even further to establish self care retreats for the black community. Her story is an inspiring example of what you can do when you find yourself not quite reaching the level of meaning you believe your life should have. Be sure you take the time to listen to this conversation about her journey.

You need to take time for self care, but you don’t. Why is that?

Everybody is busy. It’s a fact of life in the modern world. It’s that busy-ness that can make us feel like we simply have to keep going without time for ourselves. But if you continue to do that you’ll burn out or break down. There has GOT to be time for self care or you will crumble. Rosetta’s guest today is Regine, a woman who has discovered that some of the most important parts of her day are the moments she takes to refresh and renew herself. She’s learned that she can’t be afraid to make the time for herself because it’s from that place that her strength flows. You can learn more about what it takes to establish a habit of self care, on this episode.

You need to take time for Self Care, but you don’t. Why is that?
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Successful people know they need time to nurture their creative side.

Richard Branson is one of the most high-profile entrepreneurs and creatives out there. Looking at his example you can learn a great deal about what it takes to nurture the creativity that has not only given him a meaningful life but has also created businesses worth billions. Successful people like Richard know that self care is vital for fueling the creative spirit within. Without sufficient time to think, rest, and renew, many of the achievements we could reach will never happen. Rosetta’s guest today specializes in crafting retreats to nourish the body, soul, and mind and you can learn how to join her on the next one, on this episode.

When are you going to take care of yourself?

Black women are often the ones holding things together in their homes, communities, and churches. But who holds them together? They’ve got to have a deeper reservoir of strength from which to draw, a place where their own spirit is nurtured and cared for. That is what self care is all about. It’s taking the time for you that you need, in order TO be there for others in your life who matter. On this episode, you’ll learn some very practical tips to help you get your own self care habits underway so that your life does not become one of the many that crumbles under the load of responsibility you bear.

When are you going to take care of yourself?
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest on today’s show, Regine
  • [2:17] Regine mission and the work she does for black people.
  • [3:09] An example of the types of experiences Regine creates and how she started doing these kinds of retreats.
  • [8:54] What Regine says to women who know they need to take time for self care but don’t.
  • [12:43] Special things that happen in Regine’s retreats for the sake of self care.
  • [16:15] Strategies to begin personal transformation and self care and how to make time for it.
  • [20:30] How Regine stays focused and productive in her business.
  • [27:01] How you can connect with Regine.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

About Regine Monestime

I am a heart centered entrepreneur and lawyer. I am passionate about travel and its ability to transform lives by introducing people to the vastness, beauty and richness of the world. I believe that exploring different cultures cultivates appreciation and reverence for each other. As part of my soul centered lifestyle, I regularly attend meditation and wellness retreats and find that people of color are often underrepresented. These retreats have been such a gift to me and I am on a mission to share that gift with others.

My vision is to develop an ecosystem for fun, off the beaten path, enriching luxury group retreat experiences for people of color who need to disconnect from their hectic lives and reconnect with their authentic selves so they will return home feeling rejuvenated and transformed. They will also learn tools and techniques to empower them to live healthier, more self-aware and centered lives.

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Answering some difficult questions led Regine to her life’s work
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Successful people know they need time to nurture their creative side
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