HBW053: Shayla Boyd-Gill on How to be a Family-Oriented Woman and Still Build a Successful Business

Today’s guest, Shayla Boyd-Gill is a wife and mother of 6 home schooled children. It sounds inconceivable at first that any successful business owner could have that many children AND homeschool them as well. But Shayla pulls it off beautifully. She says that her family has actually been the support system that helped her stick with her businesses during the times when she wanted to quit. As her business began to thrive, others began to notice the success she was having and many asked for her help as they pursued their business ideas. She’s grown a deep passion to support family oriented women entrepreneurs find the sweet spot in their businesses. Today’s episode will provide you a great insight into a great woman.

How to be a family oriented woman and still build a successful business, on this episode
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Your first step is to make the decision to get to the place you want.

There is a natural tendency to approach a new thing with a tentative approach. You don’t fully know what you’re dealing with yet, it’s natural. But Shayla Boyd-Gill says that it doesn’t matter if you’re stepping into a new area, you need to move into it confidently, clear about what you want to accomplish. You’ve got to make the decision to succeed long before you have the opportunity. That’s how you’ll be able to see the opportunities when they arrive. That’s how you’ll be able to step into them and take action when they do. You’ll be inspired by Shayla’s approach to her business, so be sure you listen to this episode.

If you can sell your family, you can sell anyone.

Many women entrepreneurs see their dreams of growing a successful business as being at odds with the rich family life they want to have. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Shayla Boyd-Gill has learned that your family can actually be your biggest source of support and encouragement while building your business, you just need to know how to get them on board with the vision of what you want to accomplish. Her philosophy is that if you can sell your family, you can sell anything. It’s an affirmation that you’re truly dialing in to the right things.

If you can sell it to your family, you can sell it to anyone ~ Shayla Boyd-Gill
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Use your calendar to keep you aligned with your goals.

Shayla Boyd-Gill homeschools 6 children, has a rich relationship with her husband, and runs a very successful business. How does she do it all? One of her greatest tools is her calendar. She’s learned to put everything – even her tasks – on her calendar. It helps her easily keep track of what her priorities are for each day and forces her to track her time for greater productivity. She’s able to set aside work when the time comes to be done each day because she’s already committed to working hard during the hours she has. So her evenings are free for her family and her early mornings are free for herself. You can hear more about how Shayla uses her calendar for greater productivity on this episode.

You need to have people around you to keep you on track with your greatest value.

In any business there are hundreds of things to do each day and none of them are trivial. But as the business owner and primary visionary you can’t be the one to do them all. You’ve got to bring a team around you to support your vision and enable you to work on the things that only you can do, the things that move the business forward. Today’s episode gives a peek through the keyhole of Shayla Boyd-Gill’s team structure, showing how a strong team of people can actually open you up to even greater productivity, success, and quality family life.

Independence nearly killed me, so I had to align myself to be supported ~ Shayla Boyd-Gill
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Another incredible guest today: Shayla Boyd Gill
  • [2:45] Shayla’s story and the mission she is about.
  • [5:16] How Shayla decided on the direction she’s taken.
  • [11:03] 3 actions steps to set up a business in a way that supports family.
  • [15:21] The importance of partnership in building your business.
  • [20:05] How to use your calendar for maximum effectiveness.
  • [24:14] How Shayla got to the point of believing in her value.
  • [27:49] Things and people Shayla has in place to ensure she stays productive.
  • [32:20] A book that has been most impacting for Shayla’s life.
  • [33:56] How you can connect with Shayla.

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About Shayla Boyd Gill

Shayla Boyd-Gill is a successful business owner, mother of 5, wife, doula, business coach and creative visionary

As a business owner of 10 years, Shayla faced the challenges of treating her business like a hobby and being a broke professional. She got fed up and changed her relationship with money and created a six figure birthing business.

Women business owners go through the process of running their business but they often get stuck in their own beliefs that limit their progress. Shayla uses techniques and implementation strategies to move her clients forward and not face the process alone. Shayla helps women entrepreneurs to create their unique LABOR (lucrative actions beyond ordinary results) Business Acton Plan so that they can become wildly profitable and serve more clients

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