HBW051: How to Be Successful on Your Own Terms with Lisa Nicole Bell

As an award-winning writer, producer, speaker and entrepreneur, it’s clear Lisa Nicole Bell is a woman of many talents. She’s the perfect blend of creativity and business know-how, which has allowed her to build an empire focused on helping people tell better stories. Lisa’s the founder of Inspired Life Media Group and host of the Behind the Brilliance podcast. Throughout this chat with Rosetta, it’s clear Lisa has the self-awareness to truly embrace her choices and is passionate about helping others do the same.

“Give yourself permission to be successful on your own terms.” – @lisanicolebell
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Finding the courage to do something on your own.

For Lisa, becoming an entrepreneur was something that had always been on her mind, but she didn’t quite have the courage to take the plunge. She found the courage out of necessity, after losing her job for insubordination. Lisa discusses what this transition was like and what made her realize that the right time to embrace entrepreneurship was now. She also talks about the role of courage in making this leap and why it’s important to have clarity about what you want your life to look like before starting a business.

Being happy is a choice.

As Lisa discusses her journey, she shares with great honesty some of the steps you can take to create a blissful life. She talks about why being happy is a choice and – most importantly – that nobody is standing in your way but you. Lisa shares 3 things anyone can do to build the life you want, including self-awareness, courage, and a plan that is practical. She delves into each step and helps us understand why each is integral to our success in creating the life we truly want.

“Understand that being happy is a choice.” – @lisanicolebell
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No one has to sign off on your choices but you.

Lisa goes on to discuss the power of self-awareness and why it’s essential to your happiness. She talks about why we all need to understand that our journey is unique to us and you have to find a way to embrace it in order to move forward. Lisa shares the value of realizing you don’t need anyone’s permission to be happy, just your own. She talks about being successful on your own terms and why it’s at the core of living a blissful life. Lisa gives insight into why it’s essential that you give yourself permission to be successful on your own terms.

Getting out of your comfort zone every single day.

As they close out their chat, Rosetta and Lisa talk about the daily routine that keeps Lisa focused on her goals. Lisa shares why she makes it a priority to do something outside of her comfort zone every single day. She talks about the value of making this a habit and how it can help to lay the groundwork for achieving your goals. Lisa also shares 2 books that have transformed her mindset in her journey and how they helped her to embrace her happiness rather than relying on what other people think. Lisa Nicole Bell has inspiring insight into what makes her tick, and how she became the success she is today. Her story has lessons that can help us all gain self-awareness and build a blissful life.

Why you need to do something out of your comfort zone every single day, on this episode
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [1:22] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Lisa Nicole Bell.
  • [2:15] The work that Lisa does and her mission.
  • [6:08] Doing things you enjoy.
  • [7:32] At what point did you decide to take your talent and skills and become an entrepreneur.
  • [10:48] How do you incorporate the things you love into the work that you do?
  • [14:48] 3 ways you can get started in building the life you want.
  • [23:19] What are some things that you do during the day that keep you on track with your goals?
  • [26:04] A book that has transformed Lisa’s life.
  • [35:12] How to connect with Lisa.

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About Lisa Nicole Bell:

With a rare mix of creative talent and business acumen, Lisa is the founder of Intersect Studios, a Los Angeles-based international media and technology company. Her accomplishments in media and business have earned a variety of nominations and awards including the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Woman Making a Difference award, the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, a Telly award, and a Cable Positive Award. Lisa delivers her signature mix of inspiration and humor as the host of her weekly podcast, Behind the Brilliance, where she shares musings on life and interviews smart, creative people about their lives and work. To date, Lisa has interviewed more than 100 people including celebrities, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and other generally awesome people. Between managing Intersect, writing and appearing in various projects, Lisa is currently producing an Australian documentary on race and identity and producing a multimedia travel project, GoBag with world traveler and writer Colin Wright.

Lisa’s past ventures include her directing and producing The American Dream Revised, a digital docuseries that follows a diverse group of young entrepreneurs. The series was licensed to Procter & Gamble as a part of their multiplatform Rising Tide campaign with Russell Simmons. Lisa is also the creator, editor, and executive producer of The Legacy Letters, an anthology featuring 30 women writing letters to their younger selves. Lisa adapted eight of the letters into monologues for a live show and taping which was presented to a sold-out crowd in Hollywood in 2012. In addition to the Legacy Letters anthology, Lisa is the author of Divine Inspirations and a contributor to books such as End Sex Trafficking and The Path Redefined.

She previously earned a NAACP Theatre award nomination for the stage play Deal Breakers, which she wrote, directed, co-starred in and co-produced. Her other work on camera includes Lifetime’s What Should You Do? and the Cable Positive award-winning film Walking on Sunshine. Expanding her reach to the stage, Lisa has spoken at national and international universities, conferences, and events including TEDx, Google, South by Southwest (SXSW), Techne Summit (Egypt), and STRAW (Bahamas).

Lisa’s past business ventures include startups in technology, personal development, and original content. After launching her first company at 19 years old, she later started a for-profit social enterprise that reached more than 400,000 girls around the world with programs in Liberia, England, Brazil, and the US.

Lisa holds a degree with honors in Business Law from California State University and completed additional entertainment business coursework at UCLA. In her spare time, Lisa can be found flying a Cessna 172, devouring a book, or campaigning for The Wire to win a retroactive Emmy. Lisa resides in Los Angeles and is repped by the Gersh Agency across the board.

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Finding the courage to be an entrepreneur, on this episode
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“No one has to sign off on your choices but you.” – @lisanicolebell
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