HBW038: Tara McLeod: Leveraging Your Resources to Make a Comeback

Today’s episode of Happy Black Woman features another valued member of the HBW Mastermind group, Tara McLeod. Tara (aka The Comeback Queen) is on a mission to help women who feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship and/or a mediocre life to find the strength, courage, and confidence to show up for herself and make a comeback. Through her own experiences, Tara inspires women to face their fears and transform their lives. Her goal is to share her own comeback story with honesty to help women see what is possible. Tara’s story is inspiring and her message is clear: to help women learn to love themselves.

I’m on a mission to help women who feel trapped in unhealthy relationships make a #comeback and…
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The 5 pillars of making a comeback.

Tara’s own comeback started just after her 43rd birthday. It was then that she realized she had been in denial of her own unhappiness and knew it was time to make a change. In spite of her fear, Tara decided to show up for herself and create the life she deserved. She shares the 5 pillars to making a comeback that she shares with clients: Live, Love, Laugh, Leverage, and Learn. These powerful steps truly help to transform the women Tara works with through her Signature Coaching Program. She passionately pursues her purpose of sharing her story to inspire other women to make life-changing decisions.

The most important step in starting your comeback.

As Tara discusses the process of coaching women facing the difficulties of feeling trapped in an unhealthy relationship or living a mediocre life, she shares with Rosetta some important strategies that can help women get started. One of the most important steps, Forgiveness, is all about healing. Tara explains that forgiveness is not about forgetting, but about allowing those wounds to heal so you are able to live your fullest life. She also shares her typical day and the most important things she does to stay focused on her mission.

The 5 pillars of making a #comeback and finding your purpose, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Knowing when to let go.

Another essential step in the healing process is letting go. Tara explains the value of letting go of what no longer serves you and the importance of taking inventory of your life. She says you must evaluate the things you need to release in order to create the life you want. Tara also discusses the role of prayer, meditation, and exercise in her daily routine. She goes on to share some valuable insights you can implement to help you stay focused and on track with your goals.

Find a way, because you’re worth it.

As Rosetta closes her chat with Tara, they talk about her favorite book and a personal mantra that inspired her on her journey. Tara also offers her #1 tip to women who are ready to pursue their dreams and start a business. The tip? Find a way. Tara delves a little deeper into how you have to find a way to overcome your fears and excuses because you’re worth it. This inspiring chat will motivate you to leverage your skills to make a comeback and create the life you’ve always wanted.

The value of forgiveness in the journey of finding true happiness, on this episode of…
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:33] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Tara McLeod.
  • [1:55] Tara’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [2:54] How Tara guides women through the process of living life on their own terms.
  • [4:27] What inspired Tara to pursue this as a business.
  • [6:34] Why it’s so important for women to make a comeback and show up for themselves.
  • [7:25] Some tips and strategies that can help women get started.
  • [12:56] Tara’s typical day and how she stays focused on her purpose.
  • [15:07] How Tara stays productive.
  • [17:33] A favorite book that has inspired Tara on her journey.
  • [18:30] Tara’s personal mantra.
  • [20:08] Tara’s #1 tip for women who are ready to pursue their dreams.
  • [21:24] How to connect with Tara.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “The Game of Life and How to Play It

PERSONAL MANTRA: “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” ~ Brigham Young

Tara McLeod’s website: www.TheComebackQueen.com – go to The Queen Chronicles to get your free guide: Just Call it a Comeback.

About Tara McLeod

Tara D McLeod is a personal development coach known for her witty, wise and creative approach to empowering women through her signature coaching program; 6 Weeks To Come Out of your mess, create your own COME UP and launch a phenomenal COMEBACK!


After nine years of marriage, two kids, a divorce, an additional nine years of an on again – off again “relationship” with her ex-husband; which included heartbreak and betrayal, Tara decided to rise from the ashes and reinvent herself.  Exhausted from reliving, rehashing and replaying the same sad relationship story.  She felt like she was a fraud living a mediocre life.  She was tired of putting everyone else’s needs above her own.  Tara finally had enough!


Tara leverages her personal trials and triumphs from her marriage, divorce, religious beliefs,  motherhood and her career to transform empathy into empowerment.  Her decision to re-write (HER)story, do the work and take the journey to reclaim her crown, enabled her to discover these 5 pillars: Live, Love, Laugh, Leverage and Learn which now plays an intricate part in how she coaches her clients to reach their goals.


She helps women, who feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship or living a mediocre life, find the strength, courage and confidence to show up for herself, make life changing decisions and finally start living life on her own terms.


When Tara‘s not coaching clients, blogging, or attending networking events, she can be found in the aisles of a popular book store sniffing the fresh pages of a self help book, masterminding with other like minded women, spending time alone, hanging out with her family and friends or obsessively combing through YouTube tutorials for ‘how to’ do anything to her teeny weeny afro.


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