HBW035: Trea Branch: On a Mission to Help Women Truly Walk in Their Freedom

Today’s episode of Happy Black Woman features Trea Branch. Trea is a valued member of the Happy Black Woman Tribe and a financial expert on a mission to help women find freedom from financial struggles. She founded Trea’s Two Cents to offer private coaching and fulfill her life’s purpose of helping others create a life of freedom. Trea is the quintessential overachiever, which is evident as she shares her story. When she decided to tackle her own financial goals, she went after it on all cylinders. And that’s how she found her purpose. Rosetta’s chat with Trea is full of tips and strategies you can employ to begin your own journey to financial freedom.

My #mission is to help as many women as possible truly walk in their #freedom ~ Trea Branch
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Paying off a 6-figure debt in just 3 years.

Sharing Trea’s story makes it clear that she truly is an overachiever. Her journey began, as it does for so many of us, with a mountain of debt. Trea realized it was time to tackle that debt and gain the freedom she desired. And so, in true overachiever style, she created a realistic plan that would allow her to pay off her 6-figure debt in just 3 years. It was this process that led to the creation of her coaching program, which serves women just like her today. After successfully tackling her debt, Trea went full steam towards her purpose: helping others. She shares specific action steps that make things that seem impossible sound, well, possible. They key? According to Trea, it all comes down to planning.

A step-by-step process to kicking debt.

As Trea shares the action steps that can get you out of debt, it all sounds realistic. She breaks it down into simple, yet emotional, steps anyone can tackle if they’re ready to get out of debt. Her main tips? Start with a realistic picture of your debt, and then take the emotion out of spending. Trea explains that we are a society that sees spending as a “need”, when it’s actually about buying the things that are important to us. When you remove the emotion from the equation, it makes it possible to set realistic expectations and create a plan that will effectively lead you to financial freedom.

A step-by-step plan to create #financialfreedom in your life, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Why it’s possible for ANYONE to get out of debt.

Trea delves into her belief that, with the right planning and accountability, anyone can tackle debt. Starting with a clear picture of what you owe and then looking at your spending habits will make it obvious where you can cut spending. It’s not always easy, Trea says, but the freedom you gain makes it all worth it. She shares some areas that were difficult for her to cut back on when she faced her own spending habits, and how she overcame these obstacles. Trea shares her “cash spending” paycheck plan and how it helps her track her spending down to the penny. Controlling your spending, according to Trea, is all about being honest with yourself about where your money goes and creating a plan to control it.

Making real change in people’s lives.

As a busy entrepreneur with a demanding 9-5 job, Trea manages to maintain focus on the things that make her a Happy Black Woman. She shares the importance of having support, which in her case comes from her husband Tyrone. Trea also how rewarding it is to be able to help people make real change in their lives and see the weight that comes with financial pressure being lifted from their shoulders. As Rosetta & Trea’s chat comes to an end, Trea shares one last tip for women who are at the start of their journey. If you’re ready to rid yourself of debt and create true freedom in your life, you don’t want to miss this episode of Happy Black Woman.

Why perfection is the greatest enemy to your #success, on this episode of #HappyBlackWoman
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:32] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Trea Branch.
  • [1:45] Trea’s mission and the work that she does.
  • [4:25] The journey of paying $180k in debt in 3 years and why she shares that journey.
  • [8:24] The process of how Trea helps her clients.
  • [11:48] Some specific actions steps you can take if you’re ready to get started.
  • [14:22] What do you say to clients who explain why they “can’t” follow the program?
  • [17:50] A typical day in Trea’s life and how she stays focused on her financial goals.
  • [21:08] A favorite book that inspired Trea on her journey.
  • [23:54] Do you have a personal mantra?
  • [25:32] What makes Trea a Happy Black Woman?
  • [27:51] #1 tip for a woman who is at the start of building her business.
  • [30:45] How you can connect with Trea.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Battlefield of the Mind

BOOK: “Every Day is a Friday

Trea Branch’s website: www.TreasTwoCents.com

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About Trea Branch 

Trea S. Branch is a Money Transformation Coach and Speaker helping women break free of debt, so they can live a life of freedom, a life where they can afford their dreams.

Growing up in a small town in Michigan, she did everything she was “supposed” to do. She overachieved in high school, received her BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Before the age of 30, she had two strong Fortune 500 companies on her resume and was earning over $100,000/year.

But with all of her success came very little knowledge of how to handle her money and a massive amount of student debt. Year after year, promotion after promotion, she still somehow needed more money. Little did she know, her student debt and lack of money management skills would ensure she always lived paycheck to paycheck, seeing little financial growth.

All of this changed when Trea and her ​husband set their first financial goal, their wedding. Trea and Tyrone were so focused on avoiding credit card debt that they stripped their spending, saved, and paid for their downtown Chicago wedding & Venice, Italy honeymoon with $0 credit card debt. They even had money left over to kick-start their savings!

Seeing this level of progress made her curious about what else she could accomplish when she was more purposeful with her money. So in 2014, she set her ultimate goal of paying off $180,000 of student debt in 3 years.
Trea has taken the strong, financial principles that are helping her reach debt-freedom by 2017, and applied them to a Private Coaching Program that helps her clients pay off their big debt, all while building the healthy money habits that will keep them out of debt.

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