HBW030: Kim Davis : Walk in your God-given purpose, on purpose

Today’s guest is Kim Davis. Kim’s mission is helping women walk in their God given purpose. She works with women first to find their purpose and then to live it out. She believes confidence, joy, and fulfillment all increase when women walk in their purpose. For a long time, Kim did not know her purpose. She wandered aimlessly through life, running after anything that might fulfill her. What Kim found was the only way to walk in purpose is through God and developing a relationship with Him. She now supports women in developing and strengthening that relationship. On Kim’s journey, she recognized that often women think they have to be a pastor or an important religious leader to have a powerful relationship with God.  She says you might be called to be a business owner, or perhaps a waitress, but you have a unique calling from God-He made you for a purpose. Kim’s own transformation led to her calling to help women transform their lives. Listen in to this episode as Kim shares how she embraced her purpose and owned her own calling.

“You don’t have to be a pastor or powerful religious leader to have a powerful relationship…
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Taking yourself seriously leads to clients taking you seriously.

Kim Davis says the biggest hindrance in her life was herself. She discovered her God-given purpose was to be a teacher, but for a long time she did not want the responsibility or the title. Even though Kim resisted the title, she was always the go-to person for teaching things. People would say, “Oh, you’re such a great teacher.” Kim would brush it off as just loving to share things. It was not until she started to own the title that she saw a transformation start. Kim began to embrace that she was the only Kim Davis and stopped comparing herself to others. She ultimately decided to make a business out of her purpose of teaching other women how find their own purposes. She was already doing that for free, without the label. Most of the people she was pouring into were “takers.”  They did not value her time and effort. She decided she wanted to help the people that actually wanted to use the resources she could offer. As soon as Kim put a price to her product, women that were actually ready for help remained. It was a lesson in valuing her own gift. Be sure to listen in for guidance if you are ready for transformation.

Focus on what you were put on Earth to do.

Kim Davis spent many years trying to fill a void in her life. She nursed if with temporary fixes, but without a purpose, she lacked. Her health suffered, her marriage suffered. She was unhappy and unfulfilled. Kim looked good to the outside world: she had the husband, the house, the job, etc. Inside, she was missing something. Kim was lost without answers to her lack. She is a solution-oriented person, so not having the answer was her biggest fear. Kim got to the point of choosing suicide or giving her life to God. Kim Davis for the One was shaped and structured from that personal journey of finding and walking in her own purpose. She got quiet and got with God. It was a process of Him growing her from flaws and insecurities to a beautiful masterpiece. Things that were broken were restored, and she felt alive again. Kim had to share these experiences. She thought if she could help people understand this invest in it for themselves, it would be a win-win. Kim is here today to help you focus on what you were put on this earth to do.

Learning to own your purpose, on this episode of Happy Black Woman
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Make time for the things that matter.

Some specific action steps to take, if you find yourself on this path, include clarifying your purpose and getting quiet to listen. Kim teaches that it comes down to making time for the things that matter. Kim believes that having a relationship with God matters. She has many helpful hints to simply get started. One is to pray God’s word, seek His word, and obey His word. Kim has spent time finding something that speaks to her, and then learning how to apply it to her life. This is not an episode that teaches you how to go from zero to 100. For lasting change, Kim offers a layer by layer process. Her own story of prioritizing time for God is inspiring. She did not have everything perfect before she started. She simply reached out. You can reach out to Kim through her, Walk with Me, Talk with Me program. Kim will help you find your purpose, but she cannot do it for you. Listen to this episode of Happy Black Woman to hear just how Kim does it and how you can take a similar approach.

In business and in life, get virtuous and get capable.

In her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, Kim Davis relied on some inspiration and mentors. She did not transform overnight, or go it alone. Her mantra these days is, “You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time and I am hungry.” One tip to get you started is to become virtuous and capable in life and in business. God transformed Kim and gave her a spiritual vision for her life. That make it easy to quit her day job and begin doing what she loves. Her point is, get some help and direction. A spiritual mentor can help you work your spiritual vision and gain practical knowledge to integrate your purpose into this world. Kim believes God’s people are destroyed by a lack of vision and a lack of knowledge. If you have both, it will help you walk in your God given purpose, on purpose. You’ll find great encouragement from Kim’s story to find your vision, on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

Recognizing your unique calling, on this episode of Happy Black Woman
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:29] Rosetta’s introduction of guest, Kim Davis.
  • [1:19] Kim Davis’ mission and work.
  • [2:16] How Kim helps women recognize their unique calling.
  • [5:04] Turning passion and calling into a business.
  • [8:17] Kim’s personal experience of finding and walking in purpose.
  • [14:04] Specific action steps to get clarity of purpose.  
  • [17:08] How Kim made spirituality a non-negotiable in her schedule.
  • [19:06] Help from Kim to get started on your journey today.
  • [20:27] Kim’s go-to for inspiration.
  • [21:56] Wisdom to support the journey.
  • [24:39] Steps to turn your God-given purpose into a business.
  • [28:09] Don’t miss the take-away!!
  • [29:07] Staying connected with Kim.

Resources & Links mentioned in this episode

BOOK: “Joyce Meyers’ Everyday Life Bible Hardcover Amplified Version

Kim Davis’ website: www.kimdavisfortheone.com – Download your free BabySteps workbook.

About Kim Davis

Kim Davis is a Christian Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder and CEO of KimDavisForTheOne.com. She created this space for Christ centered women who want to find and walk in their God given purpose. Through her website she shares God given insight, inspiration and encouragement. She also shares stories of how Christ took her from being sad, lazy, and insecure and transformed her into being happy, energetic, and confident. She strives to show by examples that others can walk in their own unique purpose and still be loved by God. Her message is raw and sometimes difficult to share. It’s not for everyone. It’s for The One and the one: The One God and that one person who is ready to develop a personal relationship with Him to walk in their God given purpose.

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“God’s people are destroyed by a lack of vision and a lack of knowledge” ~ Kim Davis
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“You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, and I am hungry.”~ Kim Davis
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