HBW 103: Loria Smith, How to Make Peace with Your Past and Redefine Self-Awareness

On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta interviews Loria Smith, life coach and founder of ReDefining H.E.R. Loria explains her rocky background caused by unhealthy relationships, and how she ultimately overcame the challenges of living with constant self-doubt and fear in order to help other women move forward with their lives and make peace with their pasts. Be sure to check out this great episode and share its valuable insights with the women in your life!

Don’t really depend on anyone – depend on you! Believe in you. – Loria Smith on Happy Black Woman
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Loria shares how she helps women move through difficult life situations

The founding of ReDefining H.E.R. arose from Loria’s greatest passion – encouraging and helping women move through the difficult scenarios different stages of life brings. Through the various elements of her coaching, Loria assists women in going back to their core being and helping unravel months or even years of unhealthy thought patterns and destructive relationships. She offers 30, 60, and 90-minute intensive sessions as well as 90-day mentoring programs for women who are committed to bettering themselves and their lives. Check out how to receive these resources by listening!

Starting the process of healing and moving forward in life

The first steps in moving past an unhealthy relationship are always the most challenging. After the initial catalyst that initiates the change, Loria encourages women to start by redefining who they are – their likes, dislikes, passions, etc. This self-inventory assists women in understanding their place and path in life, as well as raises self-awareness. These steps and much more are found in this wonderful interview.

The biggest calling on our lives as black women is to be unapologetically ourselves.
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Loria’s 5 Steps to Healing from Past Hurts

Not only does increased self-awareness improve one’s ability to gain confidence and security, it also opens the door for continued healing and empowerment. On this episode, Loria talks with Rosetta about her “5 Steps to Healing from Past Hurts,” which can be found as a free download on Loria’s website (see Resources below). Loria also discusses the importance of being passionate about a cause or project. Devoting time and mental energy to an outside entity can further the healing process. Engaging with one’s spirituality, talking with trusted loved ones, getting reacquainted with oneself, and many more hints and tips are found in the audio.

How to continue down the path of successful and empowered living

Very few women are able to achieve this process of healing on their own. Having a support system of trusted friends and family members is crucial. They are able to offer guidance and encouragement when faced with new obstacles. Simple things like having a positive morning routine, practicing self-care habits, and setting boundaries all contribute to mental and emotional healing after difficult situations. Loria discusses her top three tips to invest in oneself as well as many more helpful hints all on this episode of Happy Black Woman with Rosetta Thurman.

You have to be willing to invest in yourself and avoid the negative naysayers.
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Outline of this great episode

  • [0:40] Introduction of guest, Loria Smith
  • [2:05] Loria explains her story, and why she founded ReDefining H.E.R.
  • [6:20] Loria’s passion for helping women in unhealthy relationships
  • [8:20] Methods of helping women through abusive situations
  • [9:50] How to start the process of healing and moving forward
  • [11:15] Loria asks how women can start being more self-aware
  • [14:30] How focusing on helping others helped Loria break free from her past
  • [19:00] Top 3 Tips and determining what’s holding you back from success
  • [23:11] Insights on challenging situations in the business realm

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Loria is a native Floridian and currently resides near Orlando, Florida. She is a Speaker, Coach, and Mentor as well as a trusted confidant to many personally and professionally. Loria is best known for her supportive nature, compassionate listening, and providing candid advice to those seeking clarity in relationships and other life issues. Her passion lies in helping professional women redefine themselves after life-altering experiences, ending unhealthy relationships, or those who just want to do, have, and be more. Through her adversities as a pregnant and runaway teen, the loss of a newborn son and murdered brother, surviving domestic violence and sexual assault, and battling an Autoimmune Thyroid Disorder and other health-related issues, Loria has discovered “there is light at the end of the tunnel.” After years of living privately with guilt and shame, Loria sought professional counseling and did some reflective soul searching which raised her self-awareness and ultimately led to an improved self-image. With a renewed perspective Loria began to see the value in herself in how she could help others and decided to start living life on her terms, openly and unapologetically. Loria has embraced a healthier lifestyle by making better food choices and modifying other habits to improve her quality of life on the journey to healing, enrichment, and resiliency. Loria earned a degree in Business Administration from Barry University with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. After several years of employment with the local government, she was left unfulfilled of her purpose, and decided to venture out on her own as an entrepreneur. She is now a Licensed Florida Realtor, the owner and operator of a Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Business, and an associate with a major insurance company. Loria is also a trained victim advocate and the founder of a nonprofit organization that advocates against domestic violence. She is using her expertise and life lessons to pursue a passion for helping women reinvent themselves. Loria founded ReDefining H.E.R., where clients are guided through a self-discovery process to promote awareness and to address fear, anger and limiting beliefs. She also speaks on the topics of Self-Love, Building Healthy Relationships, and Health & Well-Being. Loria and her husband Ronnie have a beautifully-blended family of five adult children and one grandson. Additionally, Loria has developed a love for traveling, and enjoys spending quality time creating memories with family, singing, and humoring those around her.

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Loria Smith’s #1 Helpful Hint – Be true to thyself.
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What’s key is recognizing your self-worth and value in relationships with others.
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