HBW 023: Jennifer LaFrance on How to Get Off the Sidelines and Into the Game of Life

Today’s guest is Jennifer LaFrance, a Happy Black Woman based out of New Orleans. Jennifer is a life coach and entrepreneur with the mission to encourage, inspire and educate women. Jennifer developed her mission while she journeyed into her best life, and now coaches others on their journeys. The “encourage” aspect of the mission is about offering support to women as they realize their value.  Jennifer “inspires” by being an example herself, and connecting women to others who have traveled similar paths.  The “education” piece teaches women how to tap into their inner strength and increase clarity and focus so they can live their best life.  Sound like a mission you could get onboard with? This conversation paints a picture of how a life coach works with clients to understand the blocks preventing them from seeing their potential. Jennifer uncovers the mental tapes women play over and over in their heads of things they cannot do.  She tackles these thoughts one chunk at a time in line with your goals. Listen in on lessons to change your way of thinking and start creating your ideal life.

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Moving from the sidelines of life, into the game.

Jennifer knows that she is the reason she started her business.  She found herself sitting on the sidelines of life, disillusioned and uninvolved in her own life. She had a job, but no fulfillment. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina caused her even more disillusionment.  Jennifer lost all of her material possessions.  She lived through the devastation of her whole world. Jennifer turned inward to thoughts of “Now what?” and “What is the purpose for my life?”  She could not fully embrace herself, because she was so distant from who she truly was.  Jennifer wrestled with these questions until 2011, when her company reorganized and eliminated her position. It was a force she could not control, but turned out to be the perfect time to embrace discovering what she wanted to do with her life.  Jennifer’s business was born out of wanting to help others embrace their life and get off the sidelines-before life forced them to. Have you ever found yourself watching from the sidelines when you should be in the game, doing the things you love? Be sure to tune into this episode of Happy Black Woman

Drop the excuses and start daydreaming.

Do you need to rediscover yourself and get back in the game?  Jennifer says the key is simple: allow yourself to daydream.  Remove the excuses, the details, the logistics and think about what you would if you could achieve whatever it is you are passionate about regardless of things like time and money. As risky and silly as it felt, Jennifer made a list of her dreams.  She was only working part-time, feeling like financial security was more relevant that daydreaming.  Today, Jennifer is able to offer examples of dreams realized that started out on that scribbled list. She worked day by day and sought help from outside her own brain. As someone who has tasted success, she recommends finding a life coach, or at least a friend who understands and supports you. An outside source can help you think through the barriers in your brain and help your dreams manifest.  Having accountability helps Jennifer get unstuck and off the sidelines. Are you ready to make a list and put action to your dreams?  

Daring to daydream, on this episode of Happy Black Woman
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Embracing your failures is the foundation to moving forward.

Jennifer’s business was born out of her own journey, but how does she stay the course?  She keeps her day fluid, because she took the time to get to know herself, her best self.  She found out that she’s critical and hard on herself when operating on a tight schedule.  She needs to be able to enjoy the process of becoming an entrepreneur.  She used to work straight through the day, but now makes sure to inject creative thoughts into her day. Jennifer is full of inspirational messages, both to keep herself going and to encourage her clients.  She reads, blogs, and writes to stay in line with her mission of encouraging, inspiring, and educating. Her mission dictates her day and her life. But it isn’t all pretty.  If you want to achieve, you must take a risk.  You have to step outside your comfort zone, face your fears and embrace your failures. This episode will have you scribbling notes on how to use your failures as your best teachers. Jennifer looks back on years of asking why she was doing what she was doing instead of actually taking a risk and doing it.

Check your gut and start SOMETHING today.

In her journey of becoming an entrepreneur, Jennifer saw in herself and in her clients that we all look back.  She advises to start today, because ”A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”  So many of her clients and people in general say, “Oh, I’ll get to it.” A year later they have not done a thing.  Jennifer’s “start” was the list of dreams she made.  Sure, she was starting from the comfort of her own home, with relatively low risk, but putting pen to paper was the baby step that led to the realization of her dreams. Daydream. Figure out what makes your eyes light up. Rediscover what it is that makes you come alive and build from there.  Jennifer found out that she thrives through connections. Her passion for connections led her to life coaching, connecting people with themselves again. She invites you to get back in touch with yourself and trust your gut, not just your logic.  Are you ready to find out where your passions will lead you? Like Jennifer, they could lead you to being a Happy Black Woman.

How to get unstuck and off the sidelines, on this episode of Happy Black Woman
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:31] Rosetta’s introduction of Jennifer LaFrance.
  • [1:44] Jennifer’s mission and work as a life coach.
  • [3:24] Why Jennifer started her business and how she helps others.
  • [5:14] Motivating, empowering, and coaching clients.
  • [6:59] Why having a life coach is key for successful entrepreneurs.
  • [8:09] Simple steps to start your own journey.
  • [9:09] How a successful business woman organizes her day and life
  • [12:20] Books, and mantras that inspire Jennifer on her journey.  
  • [17:44] Action steps for when you get stuck.
  • [18:35] How Jennifer takes time to enjoy the process and success of her lifestyle.
  • [20:06] Advice for women who are just beginning to build a business.
  • [23:01] How to stay in touch with Jennifer.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About Jennifer LaFrance

Jennifer is a life coach that assists women who feel stagnant and trapped to change their way of thinking and live with more clarity in their lives.  Her passion for this work is the result of changing her own life from career banker and working toward her purpose.

Hurricane Katrina was the catalyst to Jennifer reevaluating her life choices and realizing that she wanted a deeper connection to her work and not just showing up for a job.

Following the spiritual GPS that has been a constant in her life, Jennifer saw the job layoff in 2012 as her opportunity to become an entrepreneur and utilize her experiences and training skills to help others. Her strength, according to her clients, is guiding them to the answers they have within, but are hesitant to acknowledge due to social beliefs.

Jennifer is a Martha Beck-trained life coach with a M.S. in psychology. She currently resides in New Orleans.

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Embrace your failures. – Jennifer LaFrance
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We find ourselves watching from the sidelines when we should be in the game. – Jennifer LaFrance
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