HBW 020: How to Heal Your Life Through Self-Care with Gail Keyes-Allen

Today’s guest is Gail Keyes-Allen. She is a tremendously inspiring woman who has overcome huge obstacles to build a life focused on self-care, healing and happiness. After facing serious health issues and several surgeries, including brain surgery, Gail began a journey focused on self-care. Through this journey she found her mission: helping women heal their lives. Through Gail’s focus on health and wellness in all areas of life, she was able to overcome her obstacles and create a happy, fulfilling life. Today, she focuses on maintaining a self-care regimen and teaches other women how to make self-care a priority through her website, GailKAllen.com. Gail’s conversation today is full of honesty, real-life tips you can incorporate today, and true inspiration.

“I’m on a mission to help women heal their lives.” – @Simplygail05
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The importance of changing your mindset in practicing self-care.

As Gail shares her journey with us, she explains the important first steps of beginning a self-care routine. All too often, we fail to make ourselves a priority in our busy lives. Gail shares why this must be a priority for everyone and how it can help to heal your life. Changing your mindset is the most important part of self-care and Gail shares how this shift impacted her own journey. After finding her mission, Gail has been able to help other women heal and maintain self-care in their lives.

How anyone can begin the healing process.

As Gail discusses her journey with Rosetta, she shares insight into some valuable first steps of healing. The simplicity of taking time for “self” is perhaps the most important aspect of self-care, according to Gail. Gail delves into her daily routine to help other women understand how valuable it is to make yourself a priority and how this can encourage healing. When Gail faced some major health crises, she realized that she had overlooked self-care in her life for many years. Because of this, she is passionately sharing these valuable lessons with women everywhere in an effort to help them begin the healing process.

“If it doesn’t nourish your soul, get rid of it.” – @Simplygail05
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Self-care products and tools included in Gail’s daily routine.

When making self-care a priority, it’s essential that a routine is created to ensure these steps are taken each day. Gail generously walks us through her daily routine, along with some transformative products that enhance her self-care regimen. From 100% coconut oil to green smoothies, her routine includes simple, actionable things anyone can add to their day. Keeping it simple, says Gail, is the key to her routine.

Tuning out the naysayers and following your heart.

Throughout Gail’s journey, she gained a better understanding of herself, her needs, and what her priorities are. She shares with us some inspiring quotes that keep her motivated, the value of sleep in a daily routine, and why you need to tune out the naysayers as you begin to follow your dreams. Her story is beyond inspiring and Gail makes it clear that we all deserve to make ourselves a priority. Gail’s story will leave you feeling ready to focus on self-care and healing as you take steps to create your happiest life.

“Tune out the naysayers and keep following your path.” – @Simplygail05
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:31] Rosetta’s introduction of her guest, Gail Keyes-Allen.
  • [1:25] Gail’s mission and the work she does.
  • [2:20] How Gail helps women heal their lives.
  • [4:24] What made Gail decide this was her mission.
  • [7:41] What are some specific steps other women on a healing path could take?
  • [12:01] What are some things Gail does daily to practice self-care?
  • [19:54] Some specific products Gail uses in her self-care routine.
  • [24:43] Gail shares a book recommendation that inspired her.
  • [26:41] Do you have a personal mantra or quote you live by?
  • [27:46] The #1 tip for women who are thinking about starting a business.
  • [29:16] How you can connect with Gail Keyes Allen.

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Why you need to make self care a priority, on this episode of Happy Black Woman
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“Be proactive and build self care into your life.” – @Simplygail05
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