HBW 019: How to Transform Your Money Mindset with Reverend Jenenne Macklin

Today’s conversation with Rosetta brings insight and revelation from Reverend Jenenne Macklin.  She is a licensed clinical therapist with a master’s degree in social work, now working as the Spirit and Riches coach. During her time in the field, Reverend Jenenne helped countless people change their lives, but found a serious lack of self value in women. The Reverend had every reason to not value herself, either.  She journeyed through debt, being fired, and desperately attempting to regain control of her life. Jenenne speaks with authority because she worked her way up from the bottom. She began her life’s work of instilling in women that who you are brings the value to every role you are in. Listen in as Jenenne propels you into making peace with your money by changing your mindset.

How to Transform Your Money Mindset with @JenenneM
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How you think about yourself impacts how you handle your money.

Reverend Jenenne’s mission is, “To empower women to know their value, to impact and transform their relationship with money.” She started out with a mixed up relationship with money.  Jenenne, not understanding the implications, started accruing credit card debt early on in college. Much to her surprise, the debt and irresponsible choices stayed with her and her credit score. She spent time evading creditors and wondering how to regain control over her finances and her life. Jenenne began to see patterns of thinking and believing but could not seem to change herself or her clients. Untangling self worth from what you do to who you are connected Jenenne’s spirituality to her business of coaching.  Can you relate? Listen in and let Jenenne’s journey motivate you!

Moving from fear to faith.

Do you think you’re the only entrepreneur with debt?  Or the only one with habits of spending money on shoes? Do you think no one else is struggling with historical residue or an ingrained idea of how things are “supposed” to be? Jenenne recommends similar action steps that she took to reboot her thinking. Hear how she involved her spirituality in pursuing business ownership.  She moved herself away from a victim mentality to confidently controlling her money. Jenenne offers proven prosperity principles to help you make peace with money. She picked up the phone and called her creditors instead of running from them. Even though it was scary, she made a budget. She asked herself, and will ask you, “Do I want a different kind of life? Or these shoes?” Learn how Reverend Jenenne put this plan into action on this episode.

Reframing the stories in your head about money and self-worth, on this episode
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Strategies to stay in alignment with your values and move forward.

Whether you are a first generation entrepreneur or not, you will be met with resistance as you move forward.  Reverend Jenenne rediscovered her value, but not without obstacles to overcome. She examined what voices she was surrounded by and if she needed to leave some circles of people behind.  Are you in a conversation of support? Do you only hear discouragement? Jenenne knows first-hand that you cannot survive this journey alone.  She advises simple but powerful strategies to keep you in line with the changes you’ll need to make.  On this episode, Reverend Jenenne walks us through the strategies she implements daily, from waking in the morning until she falls asleep at night. She offers a fancy way of saying, “No” when discouraging voices leak in. Listen in for ways you can implement lasting habits to daily set yourself up for success.

Bringing the missing pieces to your business.

How did Jenenne find that missing piece and connect her spirituality to her business?  Rosetta ends this conversation with Jenenne’s best advice and an anthem to know yourself and your value. The shift to understanding her own value changed Jenenne’s path. She is ready for you to change your path, too.  She shares resources, authors, books, websites and endless help for your journey. Jenenne divulges what inspires her and how she stands her ground in continued prosperity. You’ll find wisdom and inspiration from Reverend Jenenne’s journey on this episode of Happy Black Woman.

Release yourself from historical residue that impacts your money choices, with @JenenneM
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:30] Rosetta’s welcome and introduction to this episode with Reverend Jenenne Macklin.
  • [1:50] The mission and work of Spirit and Riches coach, Reverend Jenenne.
  • [3:10] Jenenne’s journey from licensed clinical therapist to making the empowering women her business and life’s work.
  • [7:30] Disassembling the way we’re “supposed” to approach debt, money, and starting a business.
  • [8:13] Practical action steps for entrepreneurs, who are caught up in debt, to regain control.
  • [12:46] How Jenenne advises her clients to overcome obstacles that arise in entrepreneurship.
  • [16:06] Breaking free from the historical residue that influences your choices and decisions.
  • [17:34] Quieting the voices of disagreement and finding support for your path.
  • [20:05] Standing your ground in prosperity.
  • [21:01] Strategies Jenenne uses to stay in alignment with her values.
  • [25:08] The books and resources that inspire Reverend Jenenne.
  • [27:01] Connecting your spirituality to your business.
  • [29:26] Jenenne’s best advice for women incorporating who they are into their business.
  • [32:50] Jenenne’s website and resources.

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“Know. Your. Value.” – @JenenneM
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