HBW 000: Welcome to the Happy Black Woman Podcast! Rosetta’s Story

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Welcome to this first ever episode of the Happy Black Woman Podcast! We’re so glad you’ve taken a few moments of your valuable time to check out what we’re doing. This podcast is the only show designed to help black women create lives of happiness, success, and freedom, and you’ll be led on that journey by your host, Rosetta Thurman. Rosetta’s story is an exciting example of what could happen in your life if you’re willing to take the steps to make it happen. You can hear that story in this introductory episode of the podcast, so be sure to listen in!

The Happy Black Woman Podcast is on the air!
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This podcast is not for everyone…

There are people who are very happy and comfortable with their life the way it is at present. That’s great. Really. Those people probably won’t be interested in this show. There’s too much shaking up of the status quo going on here, too much rocking the boat. So who IS this show for? It’s for black women who want to be free, black women who want to set the terms for their own lives and build the happiness and lifestyle they’ve only dreamed of. But equally important, it’s for women who are willing to step out and take action. If you won’t do that, there’s nobody who will. So listen in to hear Rosetta tell her story of stepping out. Maybe it will encourage you to take some steps of your own.

Rosetta’s move from working as a successful nonprofit professional to becoming an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach.

Rosetta had a pretty comfortable job. She was paid well. Everything was going her way. But something happened she didn’t expect. People began inviting her to speak at their companies and events, asking her to share the wisdom she’d learned in her comfortable job. So Rosetta started traveling, speaking, experiencing the new things you can only experience when you’re on the road traveling the globe. That’s when she began to realize that the 9 to 5 corporate role she was in was actually very limiting. That was the first time she began to think that maybe she could step out of that comfortable job and begin a life of her own making. The story is incredible, and you can hear the rest of it on this episode of the podcast.

Rosetta’s year of liberation…

It was 2010 when all the pieces came together and Rosetta made her fateful decision. She quit her corporate job in the nonprofit sector and began her entrepreneurial career. The rest is history. Rosetta has traveled the world seeing sights she never thought she’d see and meeting people and having opportunities that she never dreamed. Her story is one of inspiration, hope, and courage. Rosetta has begun this podcast to help you learn how to do the very same thing in your life. So be sure to listen in during those spare moments of your day – when you exercise, drive, or do chores or busywork. Redeem those moments to further your own education, encourage your heart, and move yourself step by tiny step into the life of your dreams. You can do it, and Rosetta is here to help.

What you can expect from the Happy Black Woman Podcast

Rosetta’s mission is to help women transform their lives through personal development and entrepreneurship. It’s about more than Rosetta, it’s through the community she’s been able to establish at www.HappyBlackWoman.com. This podcast is a new resource she’s going to be using toward that end. She’ll be featuring inspirational stories, expert guests, sharing her own insights and coaching tips, and doing it all to help you move your life to the next level. Let Rosetta know what you think!

Are you a black woman looking for a better life? Here’s the podcast for you!
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Outline of this great episode:

  • [0:24] Welcome to the podcast – the only show designed to help black women create lives of happiness, success, and freedom.
  • [1:15] This podcast is not for everyone – only for those who desire to transform their lives!
  • [1:45] Rosetta’s mission and how it can impact your life.
  • [2:47] Who is Rosetta Thurman? Find out here.
  • [3:30] Rosetta’s favorite place in the whole world – can you guess where it is?
  • [4:08] The story behind Rosetta’s move from working in the nonprofit sector to entrepreneurial living.
  • [5:29] The one thing Rosetta did not expect that actually happened.
  • [6:21] The year of liberation – 2010 – when Rosetta chose to become an entrepreneur.
  • [8:20] How Happy Black Woman came to be.
  • [10:03] The principles behind why Rosetta lives as she does.
  • [10:36] What you can expect from this podcast.
  • [11:19] How you can find the resources mentioned in each podcast episode.

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Rosetta’s year of liberation was 2010. When will yours be?
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This podcast is not for everyone. It’s designed for black women who want transformation
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From nonprofit executive to free-spirited entrepreneur. Hear Rosetta’s story
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