Have You Given Up on Your Business?

I’ve seen it far too many times…

You get one negative comment on your blog. So you just stop blogging. 

You can’t seem to get more than 53 people to “like” your Facebook page. So you decide to shut it down and go on a “social media sabbatical.”

You plan a big launch, but not one person signs up for your online course. So you decide no one wants to learn from you and never offer an online course again.

You spend all day writing the perfect article for your newsletter, but when you send it out you get 5 unsubscribes. So you stop sending out newsletters.

You can’t seem to figure out Mailchimp, so you decide to stop trying to build your email list.

You conduct 10 free strategy sessions but no one buys your coaching program. So you stop offering it..

You see other people in your industry making money every day, but you still have yet to land that first paying client. So you decide maybe you’re just not “cut out” for entrepreneurship.

Any of these scenarios sound familiar?

In my experience training, coaching and mentoring hundreds of women, I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend.

Many of us let small setbacks, inconveniences and challenges keep us from moving forward.


Why do we let one TINY issue compromise the HUGE vision we have to make a difference in the world?

When you give up too soon on your business goals, you’re reinforcing that critical voice in your head that says, “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve success.”

When you give up too soon on your business goals, you validate the lizard brain, that part of your psyche that wants to keep you safe from the unknown.

And do you know what the worst part is?

When you give up on your business goals, you’re really giving up on YOURSELF.

If you’re ready to stop self-sabotage and recommit to your business goals, I invite you to enroll in my brand new monthly membership program and get the kind of support that could turn it all around.


The Happy Black Woman Business Academy is Rosetta’s brand new monthly membership program designed to provide black women entrepreneurs with the business training AND personal development necessary to build a successful location-independent business and lifestyle. Join a dynamic sisterhood of like-minded women where you can come and get the training, support and accountability you need to stop allowing your fears and doubts to hold you back from stepping into the possibility of more happiness, more money and more freedom.

As an Academy member, you’ll receive a monthly motivational email from Rosetta including a special playlist, powerful journaling prompts as well as book recommendations that will guide you in doing your own inner work. Then – once per month, you will participate in a LIVE Masterclass with Rosetta or one of her guest experts on topics designed to help you build a successful location-independent business and freedom-based lifestyle on YOUR terms. Every month, you will also join Rosetta for a LIVE Group Coaching Call where you can ask her ANYTHING and get laser coaching on any aspect of your business or life. Throughout the month, you will be able to get support, insight and feedback from your Academy sisters in our private, members-only Facebook Group. You will also be encouraged to select an Accountability Partner from the group that you will meet with each week to help you stay on track as you work on your goals in the Business Academy.


Leave a comment: Have you given up on your business goals? How can you get back on track with building a profitable business doing what you love?

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